The Winner of the 2017 Miron Sima Prize for the Visual Arts on the Theme of “Displacement” is Peter Jacob Maltz « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

The Winner of the 2017 Miron Sima Prize for the Visual Arts on the Theme of “Displacement” is Peter Jacob Maltz

The Winner of the 2017 Miron Sima Prize for the Visual Arts is

Peter Jacob Maltz

The biannual prize, named after the painter Miron Sima, will be
awarded for the fourth time. The theme for this year’s prize is “Displacement”.

The 2017 prize, in the amount of NIS 20,000, will be awarded on the occasion
of the winner’s exhibition opening at the Jerusalem Artists House on April 29th, 2017

Members of the prize committee: Yael Guilat, Drorit Gur Arie, Haim Ben-Shitrit

From the Judges’ Comments:

The Miron Sima committee members awarded the 2017 prize to the artist Peter Jacob Maltz,
for his project proposal on the theme of “Displacement”.

In his proposal, Peter Jacob Maltz suggests a novel interpretation of this theme.
He challenges stereotypes and conventions in the relationship between the aesthetic
and the political, subverting the dichotomy between the two. His meta-poetic artistic
expression is not bound to formalist models, enabling him to convey a rich experience
of uprooting and displacement. Drawing, one of Miron Sima’s artistic means of
expression through which his social commitment was voiced, is reinterpreted by
Maltz as a powerful medium manifesting the drama of human existence. Maltz
avoids engagement with explicit social content, preferring

to direct his gaze to matter and the experience it embodies. Releasing his images
from a specific political-cultural narrative, he introduces the idea of displacement
and wandering to enigmatic realms. The rough, primary drawing material used by
Maltz– graphite – is transformed into both medium and image, becoming a conduit
of emotion.  The relations between body, movement, objects, and drawing indicate
different states of matter on the spectrum between ashes and dust… Physical presence
leaves its imprint, alongside desertion and the search for a home.

The proposal offers a complex look at the “displaced person”. It refers to bodily sensations
(“uprooted” versus “barren”), and to abstract language as simultaneously detached and
ultimate. It tells a “story”, yet one that is unraveled, not easily subsumed by meta-narratives
of displacement, exile, and salvation. It is an abstract, sensual testimony of the artist as a
displaced personality rooted only in a perpetual state of displacement, so that the sense of
“uprootedness”, and the artistic practice it informs, is what gives rise to the artwork itself.

In light of these accomplishments, the prize committee has decided to award the 2017
Miron Sima Prize on the Theme of “Displacement” to Peter Jacob Maltz.