Fighting the Rule of Attraction « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Moshe Hoffman

Fighting the Rule of Attraction

Curator: Ron Bartos

Opening: Saturday, 14 April 2018

Closing: Saturday, 2 June 2018

  • 1938                       Born in Budapest, Hungary

    1949                       Came to Israel and Lived in Jerusalem

    1938                       Died in Jerusalem



    1955-1959            Studies in Bezalel, Jerusalem

    1957                       Winner of the Ze'ev Ben-Zvi Sculpting Award in Bezalel

    1959                       Winner of the Ze'ev Ben-Zvi Sculpting Award in Bezalel

    1964                       Started working as a restorer in the Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem

    1972                       Winner of the Jerusalem Painting Award because of his "Self Portrait" wood relief

    Solo Exhibitions

    1966                       Rina Gallery, Jerusalem

    1969                       "Moshe Hoffman: Black and White", the Jerusalem Artists' House

    1973                       The Jerusalem Artists' House

    "Collages", Hagalerya Haktana 2, Jerusalem

    "Woodcuts, Moshe Hoffman", the Jerusalem Artists' House

    1974                       "6000.0001", the Jerusalem Artists' House

    "Moshe Hoffman", Debel Gallery, Ein Kerem

    "Moshe Hoffman: Woodcuts", Ben Uri Gallery of Art, London

    1976                       "Moshe Hoffman: Woodcats", The Haifa Museum for New Art

    1979                       "Moshe Hoffman: Woodcut", the Jerusalem Artists' House

    1980                       "One Summer of Joy", Ella Gallery, Jerusalem

    1982                       "Moshe Hoffman – Paintings", Alon Gallery, Jerusalem

    "Moshe Hoffman – Acrylic Paintings", the Jerusalem Artists' House

    1984                       "Moshe Hoffman, 1938-1983, Woodcuts", Jerusalem Print Workshop – Florence Miller Center, Jerusalem

    1990                       "Moshe Hoffman, Woodcuts 1966-1980", Tel Aviv Museum of Art

    1997                       "Veharuach Nehefach Lehomer: Moshe Hoffman, 1938-1983", the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

  • This exhibition is accompanied by aCatalogue