Open a Gate « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Maltz Peter Jacob

Open a Gate

Curator: Ben Nun Tali

Opening: Saturday, 29 April 2017

Closing: Saturday, 24 June 2017

Gallery talk: Saturday, 20 May 2017 12:00

  • Born 1973, London, Immigration to Israel 1977
    Living and working in Tel Aviv 

    1998- 2001            Teacher of Art certificate, Kerem Teachers Institute, Jerusalem
    1999 – 2000          Exchange student, Hogeschule Den Bosch, Hertogenbosch, Holland
    1997 – 2001          B.F.A. Magna Cum Laude, Department of art, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
    2003 - 2005           MFA, Royal College of Art, Sculpture Department, London

    Relevant occupation

    2001-2002             Exhibition producer, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
    2006-2008             Tutor at the Technion architecture faculty, Haifa
    Since 2005            Tutor at the Bezalel art and design Academy, Jerusalem

    Single Exhibitions

    2002                    Acne, Artists Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
    2002                    Protection, Paradise – Video Zone, Herzeliya Museum, Herzeliya
    2004                    Anima, Janco Dada Museum,EinHod, Israel
    2006                    Moral, Tal Esther Gallery, Israel
    2007                    I think I am – 3 meter Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2009                    Chronicle, Madder rose gallery, London
    2009                    Mybook shelf, International Writers festival, Jerusalem
    2009                    Trip, (Curated by me) Minshar gallery, Tel Aviv
    2010                    The meeting point, outdoor sculpture, Jerusalem
    2010                    From here to there, outdoor work, Haifa
    2011                    Roots, Artist's Hhouse, Jerusalem (also a book)
    2013                    Undercurrent, Kibbutz gallery, Tel Aviv
    2015                    A day passes and another day comes, Israel Museum
    2015                    Nature Quest (Anagogy- Duo exhibition with Hili Grinfeld), Alfred gallery, Telaviv

    Selected group exhibitions from the past few years

    2009                    Wild exaggeration, Haifa museum, Haifa
    2009                    Rage and compassion, Minshar gallery
    2010                    Motza, Joint work with David BeharPerhia, Ticho house, Jerusalem
    2010                    Rupture and Repair, Keren Adi finalists, Artist House, Jerusalem
    2011                     English education, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2012                    Explorer, Contemporary Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2014                    Journey, Sapir college, Sderot
    2016                    Rootless, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

    Community based Projects:

    2010                     From here to there, Temporary outdoor project, Wadi Nisana, Haifa
    2010                     The meeting point, Community outdoor sculpture, Jerusalem
    2011                     Photograph me, Educational project, Sculpture with pupils, Telaviv
    2014                     The wishing well. Community outdoor sculpture, Augsburg, Germany


    Scholarships & Awards

    2000                     Student Excellence prize, Wolf Foundation
    2001                     Excellence prize, Art Department, Bezalel Academy
    2002                     SharetScholarship Program, America – Israel Cultural Foundation
    2003                     Excellence Scholarship for overseas studies, America – Israel Cultural Foundation
    2005                     Artist – Teacher Scholarship, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel
    2006                     Young Artist prize, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel
    2010                     Community artist, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel
    2015                     The Lottery council, Scholarship for exhibition
    2015                     The Rabinowitz foundation, Tel Aviv


    Selected  Public and other Collections

    Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
    JancoDadaMuseum, Ein Hod, Israel
    Reynolds Foundation, London, UK
    Igal Ahuvi Collection


  • Gallery talks about Peter Jacob Maltz’s exhibition

    Winner of the 2017 Miron Sima Prize for the Visual Arts

    Gallery talks (in Hebrew):

    Sat. 20.5.17 at 12pm- with the artist and the curator Tali Ben-Nun
    Sat. 24.6.17 at 12pm- with the artist

    For more information about the information click here

  • This exhibition is accompanied by aCatalogue