Oriental Bavarian- Do you Know this Woman? « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Ben-Shitrit Haim

Oriental Bavarian- Do you Know this Woman?

Curator: Suisa Albert

Opening: Saturday, 31 October 2015

Closing: Saturday, 26 December 2015

Gallery talk: Saturday, 7 November 2015 12:00

  • Lives and works at Jerusalem

    1988 studied with Christian boltonsky at the "Beaux Art" Academy, Paris
    1989 Completed with distinction, Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem
    1990-Present Founder and director of the art department at the Israeli Arts and sciences school,
    Jerusalem [still serves in that capacity] 

    Selected solo exhibitions
    1992 "Nidbah 1", Jerusalem Artists` House
    1996 "Hybar hybar ya yahood", video installation, Jerusalem
    1997 "Moloheya", Avni Institute, Tel Aviv
    1998-9 "The Abu gosh riddle", installation in the home of a Jew living in harmony
    in an Arab town outside Jerusalem
    2005 Installation and video, Center for contemporary Art Croix, Roubaix France
    2006 "Moloheya", Fabrica art center, Brighton England
    2008 Video project and presentation, Eu intercultural symposium, Austria

    Selected group exhibitions
    1988 "Images of final battles", beaux art, Paris
    1989 Israeli proposal to the Venice Aperto, Ramat Gan museum
    1991 Young artists, Tel Aviv museum
    1993 "Peace", Palestinians and Israeli artists, Marseilles, France
    1995 "Art focus", Jerusalem Artists` House
    1995 "Artist builds his tombstone", Jerusalem Artists` House
    1999 "The mobile caravan", Art focus, Jerusalem
    2002 "Lessons in Moroccan", Jerusalem and Acco festivals
    2003 Video installation, The Israeli center for digital art, Holon, Israel
    2003 Video work, Experimental section of the Montpellier film festival, France
    2006 Montreol video festival, Canada
    2007 Istanbul video festival
    2007 Festival Cinemaligre, Paris, France
    2007 New video work at the Montpellier film festival, France
    2009 "Cologne off", video festival, Clogne, Germany
    2010 Exhibition and presentation, Palazzo albrizzi, Venice Italy
    2011 "Souvenirs", Tower of David- the history museum of Jerusalem
    2013 "Photography and poetry", Musrara art gallery, Jerusalem
    2013 "Accents", Agripas art gallery, Jerusalem
    2014 Video and site specific event, Silos contemporary art center, Venice, Italy

    Selected Projects
    2000-1 "Nona", community video project
    2005  "From the streets of Jerusalem to the palaces of London", artist in residence video project,
    fabrica art center, Brighton England
    2009  "Yunes", video project, Olive mountain neighborhood, Jerusalem
    2010  "The English teacher", video project with a Palestinian English teacher and her class
    and a Palestinian actor on a skit loaded with stereotypes
    2011 "Bypasses", Solo project, The center for digital art Holon, Israel
    2014- 15 project in progress-"Do you Know this Woman?", net project and actual public places

    1989  Manes Kats prize for distinction in painting
    1989-1991  American –Israeli culture fund grant
    1991 young artist award the Israeli ministry of culture
    1995 the Jackson Pollok award,New York
    2004 first prize at video formes festival, Clermont ferrand, France

  • This exhibition is accompanied by aCatalogue