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Horam Rut

Ruth Horam’s recent works were done at the Jerusalem Print Workshop.
Horam uses the multi-media technique on paper, with the print-press serving
as a basis to her work, and adds other means such as free silk screen-printing
or photography prints. Ruth Horam has developed most of these methods over
the years.
Horam frequently uses paper and cloth cutouts, drawings and “curtains” creating
an effect of transparency, depth and wealth of colors.
In addition to painting and printmaking, she designs book covers, ceramics, large
scale projects for public buildings, especially schools and universities, as well as
environmental sculptures.
Although she has absorbed influences from the many countries where she has lived
temporarily, her artistic language is strictly her own and she has always followed her
own individualistic path, usually with Jerusalem as her point of reference.
In her public work, some of it created in collaboration with Magdalena Hefetz, she
emphasizes ecological issues and recycling. By assembling junk material such
as used car parts, she recycles left-overs into meaningful and inspiring objects of art.
Horam has designed the book covers of many novels and poetry books as well as
numerous magazines. These were designed, amongst others for Mossad Bialik,
Yediot Achronot Publishers, Carmel Book Publishers, and “Keshev Le’Shira” Publishers.

Curiculum Vitae

Born in Tel Aviv.

Graduate of the St. Martin’s School of Art, London.

Between the years 1955-1992 lived for various periods of time in Greece,
France, Korea, the USA., Finland and Switzerland.

1960 UNESCO Prize for painting, Paris.
1964/67 Chairperson, Association of Painters and Sculptors, Jerusalem.
1969/73 Studied calligraphy, Seoul, Korea.
1983 Guest artist, artists’ studio of the ‘Arabia’ ceramics manufacturers, Finland.
1996 MASTO Foundation, creativity grant.

Recent Selected One-Woman Exhibitions:

1996 City Hall, Lyon, France.
Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv.
Mahanayim Gallery, Israel.
1997 Lohamei Hagetaot Israel.
The Jewish Community Center, Pittsburgh, USA.
Wilfried Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea.
University Gallery, Manheim, Germany.
Townhall Gallery, Rellingen, Germany.
Merzig Academy, Merzig, Germany.
1998 International Congress Center, Jerusalem.
Exhibition of etchings, Artists’ House, Jerusalem.
‘Window to the Mediterranean’, Sde Boker Academy -
in the framework of the international symposium on Mediterranean Culture.
‘Window to the Mediterranean’, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva.
2003 “Tomorrow’s Time” , Artist’s House, Jerusalem.
“Headlines in Blue” The Ramat-Gan Yahalom Gallery.
2004 “Such a Simple Dream”, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem.
‏2006 “Houses, Trees and more”.

Prticipated in Various Group Exhibitions – at the Isreal Museum, the Tel-Aviv Museum,
Washington D.C, Paris and other museums and galleries around the world.
Wall Paintings and Outdoor Sculptures:

1992 Beer-Sheva Municipal Library—Ceramic Wall – 8m. x 3.5m.
1999 Wall Paintings, ‘Marshall Center’, Jerusalem Gates Building, Jerusalem.
Wall Sculpture (coloured metal) on the outside wall of the students’ dormitory, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus (9 m. x 5.80 m.).*
2000 Wall Sculpture (coloured metal), school for the Arts, Jerusalem (5 m.x 4.50 m.).*
Wall Sculpture (coloured metal) Beit-Tsafa (8m.x 4.50m.).*
Outdoor Sculpture (coloured metal) “Ha’Yovel-School”, Givat-Maasuah in Jerusalem (6m. x 4.5m.).*

* In collaboration with Magdalena Hefetz