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Sequences – A Portrait

In 2015 the Jerusalem Artists’ House started an ambitious project to have a digital documentation of the generations of Jerusalem artists.
The projects will be built as a series of individual movies which will create a puzzle, not necessarily in a chronological order, of the face of art and artists of Jerusalem.

Leah Zarembo

Yitzhak Greenfield

For itzhak Greenfields’ CV, press here

Rita Mendes Flohre

For Rita Mendes Flohres’ CV, press here


Nomi Brockmann

Michael Grobman

Dudu Gerstien

Yemima Ergas

For Yemima Ergas’s CV press here

Uri Shechner

Michael Yakhilevich

Yitzhak Marecha

For Yitzhak Marecha’s CV press here

Debbie Kampel

For Debbie Kampel’s CV press here

Marek Yanai

Magdalena Hefetz

For Magdalena Hefetz’s CV press here

Jack Jano

Sasha Okun

For Sasha Okun’s CV press here

Faride & Said Golbahar

Tova Berlinski

For Tova Berlinski’s CV press here

Yehezkel Yardeni

For Yehezkel Yardeni’s CV press here

Zvi Tolkovsky

For Zvi Tolkovsky’s CV press here

Haya Ester

For Haya Ester’s CV press here

Israel Hadani

For Israel Hadani’s CV press here

Shlomo Yehudayan

For Shlomo Yehudayan’s CV press here

Pesach Slabosky

For Pesach Slabosky’s CV press here

Israel Rabinovitz

For Israel Rabinovitz’s CV press here