Self Portrait « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Gafni Naomi

Self Portrait

Curator: Averbukh Shosh

Opening: Saturday, 31 August 2013

Closing: Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gallery talk: Thursday, 3 October 2013 17:00

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    1943       Born in Jerusalem, Israel

    Naomi Gafni`s works include a wide variety of technics and materials, both
    Traditional and Experimental to which she has recently added several print-making

    High Education
    1980       M.A. in Art and Education, Columbia University Teacher College
    1968      B.A in English and History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    1963       A Degree in Art Teaching, "Hamidrasha", Art Teacher`s College

    Solo Exhibitions
    2013       "Woodcuts", Red House gallery, Tel-Aviv
    2012       "The Birds", Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Sha`ananim, Jerusalem
    2011       "Do", Red House Gallery, Tel-Aviv
    2010       "Homage to the Kibbutz", Red House Gallery, Tel-Aviv
    2009       "Polyethylene Ltd.", Drawings and prints on paper , Tel-Aviv Artist House
    2008      Aheret Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
    2007       "Mitzpe Dani", Museum of Art, Ein Harod
    2005       "Latroon, A Remembered Memory Site", Beit Uri and Rami Nehushtan
    Museum, Ashdot Yakov
    2004       "Woman", Jerusalem Artists' House
    2003       "The Story of Creation", Jerusalem Municipal Gallery
    2001       "Momentarily Me", Jerusalem Theatre Gallery
    1999       "Dis-Covering", Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
    1995       "Kiryat-gat Municipal Hall", Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
    1993       "Nahlaot - Jerusalem landscapes", Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv  

    Group Exhibitions
    2009       "30 Years of Art in Tova Osman's Art Gallery", Tel-Aviv Artist House
    "Homage to Zipi Luria", Hillel 17 Art Gallery, Jerusalem
    "Gloo-ya", Hillel 17 Art Gallery, Jerusalem
    2008       "International Women's Day Annual Show",  Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
    "Osh-Yosh", Aheret Art gallery, Tel-Aviv
    2007       "Contemporary Israeli Artists", Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem
    Traces III, The 3rd National Drawing Biennale of Drawings,  Jerusalem Artists'
    2005       Traces II, The 2nd National Drawing Biennale of Drawings, Jerusalem Artists'
    2002       "New Members 2002", Jerusalem Artists' House
    "summer Exhibition", Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
    2001       Traces I, The 1st National Drawing Biennale of Drawings Jerusalem Artists' House

  • Gallery talk with Naomi Gafni

    Gallery talk with the artist Naomi Gafni  and the curator Shosh Averbukh about the exhibition “Self Portrait”

    Thursday, 3.10.2013 at 17:00