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Greenfield Yitzhak

"Cycles of Heaven and Earth" - A Retrospective

Curator: Irena Gordon

Opening: Saturday, 14 June 2008

Closing: Saturday, 19 July 2008

Gallery talk: Sunday, 29 June 2008 17:00

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    Yitzhak was born on February 16, 1932 in Brooklyn N.Y to parents that emigrated from Europe to the USA in the 1920’s. His father, Jacob, a tailor by his trade, came from Transylvania. His mother, Anna, came from Galicia (now Ukraine). The parents met and married on the East Side of New YorkYitzhak grew up in Brownsville, East New York, one of the Jewish working class neighborhoods of Brooklyn. His mother, his brothers Meyer and Kenneth and his sister Barbara drew and painted from an early age1946
    Studies ceramics at the studio of Aimee LePrince Voorhees
    Studies drawing at the Educational Alliance Art School in Manhattan with Louis Lozowick and Aba Ostrowsky and sculpture with Haim Gross.

    Studies art at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, and receives the school’s art award upon graduating. He writes poems and stories and illustrates them

    Becomes the editor in chief of the “Jeffersonian”, the school's literary magazine
    Begins Art History and English Studies in Brooklyn College as a scholarship student, yet few months later he leaves college to work and earn money for making Aliya to Israel

    Immigrates with a group of youth from Hashomer Hazair and settles in Kibbutz Gal On in the Northern Negev. He works in agriculture, does guard duty, paints and teaches art in the Gat-Gal On High School

    Paintings and Drawings, group show of kibbutz artists, Mikra Studio bookshop and art gallery of Irm Samuels, Tel Aviv

    Studies drawing, painting and mural making with Perli Pelzig, Yohanan Simon, and Naftali Bezem in Givat Haviva Art Seminars

    The Olive Pickers, mural, dining hall, Kibbutz Gal On

    Marries Zipporah, the daughter of Nadra and Rabbi Shalom Sibahi, Yemenite Jews who settled in Rishon Lezion Israel in 1929. His first son Avishai is born
    The Tel Aviv Dizengoff Art Award for the woodcut Eastern Women

    People and Landscapes, first one-man show, watercolor and acrylic, Chemerinsky Gallery, Gordon Street, Tel Aviv
    The family leaves Kibbutz Gal On and moves to Kibbutz Ein Hashophet
    Continues to paint and to make prints, and works in the citrus groves. His son Boaz is born

    Receives the America-Israel Culture Fund scholarship for studying abroad. He realizes his dream of visiting Rome, Florence and Paris and studies with the artist and printmaker Borin in Venice
    Prints, etchings, Borin’s Art Gallery “Il Torchio”, Venice, Italy – first one man show in Europe

    Landscape and Figure Paintings, watercolor and acrylic, Beit Chagall, Haifa
    Fields, mixed media, is purchased by Haifa Museum of Art

    Etchings, Woodcuts and Paintings, Museum Beit Wilfred, Kibbutz Hazorea

    The family leaves Kibbutz Ein Hashophet and moves to Ein Kerem, Jerusalem Openings of art exhibits and Zipporah’s performance "To the Land of Sheba and Back Again" are held here. His daughters Hamutal, Gila and Naama are born

    Illustrations for the book “Songs of Soil and Wind”, poems by Natan Yonatan, Sifriyat Poalim pub. Second edition 1976

    Black and White Light Jerusalem, collages and acrylic paintings, Artists House Jerusalem
    Serves as a soldier in the Jerusalem Battalion during the six day war
    Jerusalem on My Mind, paintings and prints, Hanegev Museum, Beer-Sheva

    Collages and Mixed Media, Renee Darom Gallerie D’Art, Tel Aviv

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, triptych commissioned by the Israel Ministry of Communication, is presented to the International Telecommunication Union building, Geneva, Switzerland

    The family travels to New York for a year. Yitzhak rediscovers America and has several showings in New York
    Jerusalem Visions, collage painting and print, Magnus Museum, Berkeley, California

    Collages, Prints and Mixed Media, Old Jaffa Gallery, Jaffa
    Jerusalem - The Book and the City, collage and prints, Armon Gallery Old City, Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Visions, collage, acrylic and print, Guatemala bank, Guatemala City
    sponsored by Ester and Eliezer Armon, Israel Consulate
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY purchases a relief print from ancient cylinder seal source series

    Mezzanine Gallery exhibits a print from Archeological source: To the House of the Trumpeting. The Mezzanine Gallery continues to exhibit his new prints and mixed media works
    Illustrations for the book "Kelim", poems by Howard Schwartz, Renaissance pub. Haifa

    The family returns to New York for two years. Yitzhak shows his work and studies printmaking at Blackburn Print Workshop in Chelsea, New York

    Jerusalem, paintings and collages, A B Condon Gallery, SoHo, NY
    Illustrations for the book “Gathering of the Sparks”, poems by Howard Schwartz, St Louis, Missouri

    Ancient Images, relief prints from ancient Babylonian cylinder seal sources, Pascal Gallery, Toronto Canada. This series of prints is a project sponsored by the Middle East Art Department, Brooklyn Museum. Yitzhak designs a poster and a series of post cards, which are published by the Brooklyn Museum
    Figure Paintings, drawings and prints, Donnell Library, Gallery 3, Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY
    Paintings and Relief Prints, relief prints from Cylinder Seal sources, Hillel Center, University of Wisconsin

    Jerusalem, paintings and prints, Saxe Gallery, Toronto, Canada
    The Society of Jewish Art Award from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, for the work Jerusalem, round collage on wood

    Jerusalem Towers and Letters, collage and print, Nancy Stein Gallery, NY
    Nancy Stein represents him in New York for a number of years
    The Symbol and the Secret, collage and paintings, Artist House, Jerusalem

    Ein Kerem Landscapes, Ursus Presse Gallerie, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Jerusalem Landscapes, collages and prints, Ursus Press Gallerie of Hans Heidenheinm, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Yitzhak Greenfield and Bernard Sidi - Two Ein Kerem Painters, paintings and prints, Ursus Presse Gallerie
    Illustrations for the book “The Dream Assembly”, stories by Rabbi Zalman Schechter, written by Howard Schwartz, Amity House pub. Warwick, NY

    Geometric Ideograms, folded and scored acrylic paintings on paper, Artist House, Jerusalem
    This first show of his new series of Geometric Ideogram paintings is inspired by the work of Ed Metzler whose book, "Torah of the Alphabet" (1985) introduced Yitzhak to new ideas from ancient sources. They met at the Book Fair in Jerusalem and became good friends. Yitzhak makes the print Moziani Sephirot as a co-production with Metzler
    Relief Prints and Paintings, Loeb Gallery Bern, Switzerland

    Geometric Ideograms, folded and scored paper, American Cultural Center, Jerusalem

    Pomegranates and Landscape, acrylic on paper, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem

    Mystic Language of Art, collage and print, Town Hall, Leersom Holland

    Out of the Depths, triptych, acrylic on folded and scored paper, is donated by Yitzhak to School of Medicine Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem.

    Jerusalem Landscapes, collages and prints, Mittleman Jewish Community College Portland Oregon
    Mystic Jerusalem, painting and prints, Mundshenk Gallery, Wittenberg, Germany
    Jerusalem Visions, paintings and prints, Palais Palffy, Vienna Austria
    Illustrations for the book “From Baal to Ashtoreth”, poems by Paul Raboff, Gefen Press 1998, Jerusalem

    New Paintings, still life, acrylic on paper, Greenfield Studio Gallery, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
    Wall painting By the Waters of Babylon, acrylic on wood panels, Ohel Shmuel Synagogue, Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Above and Below, paintings and prints, Massman Gallery, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Missouri. Lectures, Teaching, Residency

    Mystic Language of Art, paintings and prints, Dom Museum, Vienna Austria
    Zipporah opened the show with three songs by Shalom Shabazi

    Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, a group show, prints from Amulet Series,
    The Jewish Museum, Stockholm Sweden
    Amulets, acrylic paintings and prints, Greenfield Studio Gallery, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

    Zipporah Sebahi Greenfield passes away

    Zipporah a Memorial Show, photos drawings and documents, Greenfield Studio Gallery, Jerusalem

    The Song of Zipporah, film in memory of Zipporah, produced by: Yitzhak, Avishay and Gila Greenfield. Directing, camera and editing: Eran Karako

    The Kibbutz Years, pastel and mixed media, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem