Echoing the Abyss « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Gadish Shaul

Echoing the Abyss

Curator: Bat Sheva Granit

Opening: Saturday, 23 January 2010

Closing: Saturday, 6 March 2010

  • 1968 Born in Israel
    1993 – 1994 Camera Obscura, The Faculty of Art and Photography
    1994 – 1995 Worked under the personal guidance of the artist, Eyal Ben Dov
    1995 – 1998 High College for Teachers of Art, the Art Photography Faculty, Ramat Hasharon
    1998 – 1999 Training in digital and computerized photography and practical work, New York

    Group Exhibitions
    1999 Gallery “Limbos”, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Ofer Zeevi
    1999 Yanco Dada Museum, Ein Hod. Curator: Ofer Zeevi
    2001 Gallery “Limbos”, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Ofer Zeevi
    2008 Gedera Museum, Gedera. Curator: Bat-Sheva Granit
    2009 Artist’s House, Rison Le-Zion. Curator: Pnina Sarig