Fi Fa Fu « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Marecha Yitzhak

Fi Fa Fu

Curator: Gordon Irena

Opening: Saturday, 27 April 2013

Closing: Saturday, 15 June 2013

Gallery talk: Saturday, 11 May 2013 12:00


    Born in Morocco in 1947


    1971                   Graduates from Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem

    1972                   Sculpture teaching at Haifa University

    1973                   Director of the Department of sculpture at Bezalel Art Academy

    1975                   Teacher at Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem

    1979                   Art advisor at the Municipality of Jerusalem

    1982-1991        Supervisor of Plastic Art at the Municipality of Jerusalem

    1991-2003       Director of the Art Department at the Municipality of Jerusalem

    Solo Exhibitions

    1974                 Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1976               Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1983               Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1983                Escoli aGallery, Tel Aviv

    1990                Ariel Gallery, Jerusalem


    Group Exhibitions
    1970               Gallery M. Jerusalem

    1971              Haifa University, Art Department

    1973              Drawing, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1974              Debel Gallery, Jerusalem

    1975              Sculpture, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1975             Jerusalem Artists in Amsterdam, Holland

    1977              Sculpture, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1978             Prints and more, Association of Painters and sculptors, Tel Aviv

    1978             Prints, Amit Gallery, Tel Aviv

    1983             Artists’ Exhibition, The Exhibition Gardens, Tel Aviv

    1984             Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1985            Grand Palais, Paris, France

    1986           Artists of Jerusalem, French Influence, Alliance Francaise

    1989           Reflections, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1990           Impressions from the Gulf War, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1991           Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1992           Homage to the Cite Des Arts, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1994           Focus Art, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1994           Homage to John Byle, Bezalel Art Academy

    1995          An artist planning his own tombstone, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

    1999         Within Ruined Cities, The New Gallery, Teddy’s Stadium, Jerusalem

    2001          Impressions, Contemporary Israeli Drawing, Artists’ House


    Grants and Prizes

     1975              Scholarship for the Young Artist, Ministry of Education and Culture

    1978             The Ofer Feniger Prize

    1990                      The Shoshana Ish-Shalom Prize

    1991                      Stay at the Cite Des Artistes, Paris, France

    2001            America-Israel Cultural Foundation




    1976            Sculpture at Beit Yakov School, Jerusalem

    1980           Mural at Talpiot School, Jerusalem

    1986          Environmental Sculpture, Ma’ale Adumim



  • Gallery talk with Yitzhak Marecha

    Gallery talk with the artist Yitzhak Marecha  and the  curator Irena Gordon about the exhibition “Fi Fa Fu”

    Saturday 11.5.2013 at 12:00 pm