Partial Portrait: Fragmented Identities « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Partial Portrait: Fragmented Identities

Aram Gershuni, Asaf Shaham, Michal Heiman, Yaron Lapid

Curator: Smadar Sheffi

Opening: Saturday, 18 November 2017

Closing: Saturday, 27 January 2018

Gallery talk: Tuesday, 28 November 2017 19:00

    Born in 1983
    Lives and Works in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles
    2007-2011     BFA, Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv
    2016               Maumaus, Independent Study Program, Lisbon, Portugal
    2016-2018     MFA, USC Roski School of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California
    2011               "Specific site", Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2012               "New Ways to Steal Old Souls", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel
    "The king is dead, long live the king!", Tempo Rubato Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2014               "The Vision of Division", Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2015               "Division of the Vision", Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, NY
    2010               "Hot City Cool", Judisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
    2011               "Popoganda", Wizo Academic Center for Arts And Design Gallery, Haifa
                           "Turning Point 5", Raw-Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
                           "Photography in Motion", The Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai
    2012               "Other lives", Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem
                             "Log In log Out", Beit Hageffen Gallery, Haifa
                             "Black Box", The International Photography Fair #2, Tel Aviv
                              "If Everybody Had an Ocean", The International Photography Fair #2, Tel Aviv
                               "Monocromo #17", Centro Cultural Clavijero, Morelia, Mexico
                               "Cityism", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
                               "Eden Passages", Eden Cinema, Tel Aviv
                               "BAAD Influence", BAAD Gallery, Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Tel Aviv
                                Independent Artists Project, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    2013                 "Kofsa Sh'hora", Manofim Project, Jerusalem
                               "La Saison des Eclipses", Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem
                              "High Ceiling", Frishman Lobby, Tel Aviv
    2014               "Double Exposure", Shpilman Institute for Photography, Tel Aviv
                             Measure for Measure, Petach Tikva Museum of Art
    2015               "Blue Blind Spot", Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Gallery, Jerusalem
                            "Back to the New Material", Wizo Academy of Design and Education Gallery, Haifa
    2016               "Way Behind", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
    2017               "Black Box Project", Street Gallery, Jaffa 97, Jerusalem
                             "I AM ERICA", New Wight Gallery UCLA, Los Angeles, California
    2011               The Shpilman Institute For Photography Scholarship for excellence in photography
    2012               The Constantiner Photography Award for an Israeli artist, Tel Aviv Museum Of Art
    2017               The Dean’s Award recipient, Roski School of Art and Design, University of South California
    2012               Schir Residency, Berlin, Germany
    Aram Gershuni
    Born 1967
    1997-1998     The Jerusalem Studio School, Jerusalem
    Solo Exhibitions
    2003               "Recent Work", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2009               "Recent Paintings", The Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Art
    2014               "Just Looking", Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
    Group Exhibitions
    1989               "Aleph Aleph BeGimmel", Gimmel Gallery, Jerusalem
    1991               "Scholarship Winners of the America-Israel cultural foundation", The Tel Aviv Museum of art, Tel Aviv
    1993               "Zalman Shoshana", Mary Faouzi Gallery, Tel Aviv
    1994               "Separate Worlds", the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
    1995               "The Art of Deceiving", Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv
    1996               "Virtual Reality", the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
    1997               "Eye Level", the Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem
    1998               "Young Artists' Prize Winners", The Artists House, Tel Aviv
    2003               "Face to Face", The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
                            "U.M.A", Oranim College
                            "Facing the Real", The Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem
    2004               "Self Portrait"', Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2005               "Impressions", The Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem
    2006               "Objects and Compassion", Gallery 33, Tel Aviv
                            "Bread", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
    2007               "Presences", The Artists House, Tel Aviv
    "South", The Nahum Guttman Museum, Tel Aviv
                            "BP Portrait Award", The National Portrait Gallery, London
    2008               "Real Time", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
    2016               "The Yearning for Myth", Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa
    Prizes and Grants
    1991               Scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation
    1998               "Young Artists' Prize", the Ministry of Culture, Israel
    Yaron Lapid
    Born 1974



    1999-2003            BFA Fine Arts, Department of Photography/Video studies, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem

    2005-2007            MFA Fine Arts, Department of Visual Art, Goldsmiths University of London

    2014-2015            Research Fellow, Department of Visual Anthropology, Goldsmiths University of London


    Selected Solo Exhibitions

    2010                       "The New Zero", Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects Gallery, Blackpool
                                       "The New Zero", Bath Spa University Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare
                                        "Times of Change", screening curated by Directors Lounge, Berlin

    2011                       "Original Stories from Real Life", The Muse gallery, London
                                     "A Scheme of Things to Be", Department of photography, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem

    2012                       "In Your Neighbourhood", Haifa Museum of Art
                                    "History of Looks", Oranim College


    Selected Screenings and Group Exhibitions

    2010                       Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston
    "L’evento immobile, Annunciazioni", Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
                                      "Manipulated  Image", Cinematheque - Centre for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe
                                      "What will the future bring?", Grimmuseum Gallery, Berlin
                                      "Beyond the Dustheaps", Charles Dickens Museum, London

    2011                       Sheffield Fringe Film Festival
                                   Transeuropa Festival, special programme, Berlin and Paris
                                   "", public art commission, Rome

    2012                       Photo Salon, Arles

                                    Photo Festival, Belfast
                                   "MyPeople", Space Station Sixty Five Gallery, London & V Art Centre, Shanghai

    2013                       040 Festival, Hamburg

    2014                       Photo Biennial, Brighton
                                    "Second Sight", The David Kronn Collection, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
                                    Sheffield Fringe Film Festival, Sheffield
                                    "Street experiments", screening at The Picture Show, New York

    2015                       The 18th Jewish Film Festival, The experimental shorts programme, London
                                    "Kiss me, Gentlemen", A screening programme UnionDocs, Centre for Contemporary Arts, New York
                                     "Re-object", The Tetley Gallery, Leeds

    2016                       "The Return of Paper", The 6th Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem.
    "WE", art research project and a group show, Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi


    Grants and Prizes

    2003-2004            America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant

    2006-2007             America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant

    2007                       First prize winner, Creekside Open, APT Gallery, London

    2009                       Renaissance Art Prize, London, finalist and residency winner


    Shpilman Institute for Photography's collection
    David Kronn collection

    The Irish Museum for Contemporary Art collection
    Private collections worldwide


    Michal Heiman                                 

    Born 1954

    Lives and works at Tel Aviv-Jaffa


    1978-1979                   Photography Studies, Hadassa College, Jerusalem

    1982-1984                   Art Studies, State Art Teachers Training College, Ramat Hasharon



    Solo Exhibitions and Special Projects

    1986                            "Paintings", Meimad Gallery for Visual Art, Tel Aviv

    1989                            "Paintings", Bugrashov Gallery, Tel Aviv

    1990                            "The Sorting", Bugrashov Gallery, Tel Aviv

    1991                "The Sorting: Undersigned", Julie M. Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

    1994                            "Michal Heiman Test (M.H.T.): Endopsychic", Ian Potter Gallery, The University Of Melbourne Museum Of Art, Melbourne, Australia

    1997                "Michal Heiman Test (M.H.T.) No. 1", Documenta X, Kassel, Germany

    1998                "Michal Heiman Test (M.H.T.) No. 2: My Mother-in-Law – Test for Women, Enactment," Le Quartier Center for Contemporary Art in Quimper, France; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama City, Japan

    2003                "Photo Rape", the Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

    2004                "Michal Heiman Test (MHT) No.3: What’s on Your Mind? Enactment", the Israeli Fringe Theater Festival, Acre

    2005                "I was There", Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York

    2008                            "Attacks on Linking", Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

    2010                "Michal Heiman Test (M.H.T.) No. 4: Experimental Diagnostics of Affinities", Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Holland

    2011                "Michal Heiman Test (M.H.T.) No. 4: Experimental Diagnostics of Affinities", Kunsthaus Museum, Austria

    2017                "AP – Artist Proof, Asylum (The Dress, 1855-2017)", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

    "Genetics of Painting", Basis Galley, Herzliya



    Recent Selected Group Exhibitions

    2010                            "The Politics of Collecting-The Collecting of Politics", Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Holland

    2011                "Living Archives", Kunsthaus, Bregenz, Austria

    2012                "Strange and Close: A selection of recent works from the collection of the Van Abbe Museum", Musée d'art Contemporain de Bordeaux, France

    "Document", Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, Finland

    2013                "It's Only a State of Mind", NGBK, Berlin

    2014                "Double Exposure", Shpilman Institute for Photography, Tel Aviv

    2016                            "Behold the Man: Jesus in Israeli Art", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

    "New Photography", the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

    "Art School", the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

    2017                "289,148", Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland

    The 1st Session of International Biennale of Video Art and Photography, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China

    "Repositioning: Old Objects\ New Artworks", The Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem



    Selected Awards, Fellowships and Residencies

    1994           Artist-in-Residence, the McGeorge Fellowship at The University of Melbourne, Australia

    2004           Enrique Kavlin Photography Prize, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

    2010           First recipient of the Shpilman International Prize for Excellence in Photography, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

    2015           Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for Artists in the Field of Visual Art



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