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Abraham Kritzman


Curator: Amit Shemma

Opening: Saturday, 29 February 2020

Closing: Saturday, 8 August 2020

Gallery talk: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 18:00

  • Abraham Kritzman

    Born in Israel     1983

    Living and creating in Tel Aviv



    2007-2011        BFA, Fine Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

    2009-2010         Student exchange program, UDK Berlin

    2012-2014         MA, Painting Program at the Royal College of Art, London (Bezalel-Clore




    2010-2012         Tutor of students with learning disabilities from the BFA and MFA of Bezalel

    Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem

    2011-2012         Assistant at the print workshop at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in


    2014-2016         Lecturer at the School of Visual Art, Kaye College, Beersheva

    2014-2019         Lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem

    2019                 Teacher Tel Aviv Museum of Art Printmaking Workshop


    Solo Exhibitions:

    2013                 "Walks with Sticks and Sounds Like Horses Putting Stones on Things", Kayma Gallery,

    Tel Aviv-Jaffa, curator: Yael Ferber

    2014                 "Tuga, St. Mary Aldemary", London, curator: Chris Munchin

    2015                 "Vermilion Border", Artists House Tel Aviv, curator: Rivka Bakalash

    "His Sprinkled Blood Served To Fructify Three Golden Apples", ODD & Atelier 35, Bucharest, curator: Angels Miralda

    2016                 "Abraham Kritzman", News of the World Gallery, London, curator: Pierre Coinde


    Selected Group Exhibitions

    2009                 "Art Meeting, Drawing in Between", UDK, Berlin, Curator: Daniela Ehemann

    2010                 "Danna‘s Choice", Jaffa, Curator: Danna Heller

    "Danna‘s Choice II", Jaffa, Curator: Danna Heller

    2011                 "Tsamud", Manofim festival,  Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Masha Zusman

    2012                 "Enclave", Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curators: Yoav Admoni & Dan Madursky

    "Docu-Performance", Artist's studios Jerusalem, Curator: Guy Gutman

    "MM1 - Re De We Construct", Arbeit Gallery, London, Curators: Sharon Tuval and Nimrod Vardi

    "Israeli Landscape", Shorashim Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Sharon Tuval

    "Question, Reaction, Examination, Reaction", Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, MM1 Project,

    Curators: Sharon Tuval and Nimrod Vardi

    2013                 "Ptng Nov", Henry Moor Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

    "Open Plan", Open Plan Space, London

    "Work In Progress", Royal College of Art, London

    "Notes to Self", Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

    2014                 "WIP - Graduate Art Prize 2014", Herbert Smith, London

    "Articles of Evidence", Broadway Studios, London

    "am", RCA SHOW, Royal College of Art Sackler, London, Collaboration with Marlene Steyn

    "Inoperative Mythology", Blyth Gallery, London, Curator: Angels Miralda Tena

    2015                 "Barbur B&B", Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Curators: Masha Zusman and Nir Harel

    "BeEin Mazuyenet" (With Armed Eye), New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem, Curator: Hedva Shemesh

    2016                 "Coated in Pre-existence", ELIZABETH XI BAUER, The Cob Gallery, London, Curator: Giulia Damiani

    "Art Camp 2016: Art Activists", The Negev Museum of Art, Beer Sheva

    2017                 "Stand Still", Abraham Kritzman and Eyal Sasson, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, (text by Keren Goldberg)

                            "On the Road", The Artist’s House, Tel Aviv, Curators: Nir Harmat and Dalia Danon

    "Talking Bones", Artspace, Tel Aviv, Curators: Assaf Hinden and Bar Yerushalmi

    "Dynamism", IDRIS Gallery, Tel Aviv

    2018                 "The M Tree" (with Boaz Barkani), Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Ofra Harnam

    "Kneading the Torso Makes a Buzz" (with Marlene Steyn and Àngels Miralda), Kav 16 Community Gallery for Contemporary Art, Curator: Karni Barzilay

    "Local Contemporary Print", The New Gallery Artists' Studios Teddy, Jerusalem, Curators: Irena Gordon and Tamar Gispan Grinberg

    2019                 "Returning" (with Theodore Ereira-Guyer), Elizabeth Xi Bauer, London, Curator: Giulia Damiani, Publication

    "Unwillful" Movement, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem, Curator: Irena Gordon

    עת"At", Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Group", YB5, Tel Aviv, Curator: Talya Tokatly

    "No Body No Land No Blood No Country", Bar David Museum of Art, Bar-Am, Israel, Curator: Avi Ifargan


    Prizes and Awards

    2009                 Herman Struk Prize for printmaking

    2010                 Aileen Cooper Prize, History and Theory Excellence Award from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

    2011                 Leejay Levene Excellency Art Scholarship

    Excellence Award for Achievements from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

    Department of Fine Art

    2012                 Clore – Bezalel Scholarship for MFA at the Royal College of Art, London

    2013                 Villiers David Travel Award, Royal College of Art, London

    2017                 Prize for Young Artist, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport


    2012                 Arebyte Gallery, MM1 Project, funds by BI- arts, London, UK

    2015                 ODD Gallery (formewr Atelier 35), Bucharest, Romania

    2016                 Kav 16 - Community Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv

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