Status Quo Vadis? « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Status Quo Vadis?

Opening: Saturday, 21 February 1998

Closing: Tuesday, 31 March 1998

  • The exhibition deals with the between the intra-religious conflict in Israel, with reference to time and place, and the actual dilemmas of Israeli life as a background.
    The exhibition will be presented in the format of a “street poster”, as a social medium. A format publicly known as social and protest oriented.

    David El-Kayam
    Eyal Ben Dov
    Yael Katz Ben Shalom
    Motta Brim
    Dorit Figovitch Goddard
    Mordechai Geldmann
    Buky Grinberg
    Naomi Tannhauser-Kedar
    Arik Caspi
    Alex Levac
    Efrat Mishori
    Agi Mishol
    Shlomy Perlmutter
    Roi Kuper
    Eytan Shouker
    Moshe Shai

    Subjects such as democracy, tradition, authority, poetry, and prayer will be examined through artistic prism, as a combination of criticism and empathy.
    The exhibition takes place in the city of Jerusalem - a symbol to the heart of the conflict.
    The Artists House will be designed as one big poster, printed by “Abudi” glued all around the walls of the gallery.
    As part of the exhibition a meditation and reading room will be installed within, and discussions and academic panels on the subject will be held.

    Initiative and production: The Artists House, and the artists Yael Catz Ben-Shalom and Eyal Ben Dov.

    15 artists take part in the exhibition, among them ultra-religious and secular.
    David El-Kayam, Eyal Ben Dov, Yael Katz Ben Shalom, Motta Brim, Dorit Figovitch Goddard, Mordechai Geldmann, Buky Grinberg, Naomi Tannhauser-Kedar, Arik Caspi, Alex Levac, Efrat Mishori, Agi Mishol, Shlomy Perlmutter, Roi Kuper, Eytan Shouker, and Moshe Shai.

    Sponsored by: Ministry of Education - Plastic Art Department, The Jewish Agency in Israel, Municipality of Jerusalem - Art Department, The Jerusalem Fund, Mr. Zvi Nevo.
    “Abudi” Printing Technology LTD, “Art Plus”, “I media”.