Street Wolves « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Zaidel Lena

Street Wolves

Curator: Suisa Albert

Opening: Saturday, 31 August 2013

Closing: Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gallery talk: Saturday, 28 September 2013 12:00

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    1962        Born in Leningrad
    1976        Immigrated to Israel
    Lives and works in Jerusalem

    Artistic Education
    1988  Continuing education, The Department of Fine Arts, Bezalel – Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
    1987  Graduate of the Department of Graphic Design, Bezalel – Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

    Solo Exhibitions
    2007       "All the Places Are Holy – II", Agripas 12- Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem
    2006       "All the Places Are Holy", Cliff (Al Ha Tzuk) Gallery, Netanya)
    2003       "Wolves", The Jerusalem Artists' House
    2000       "Demeter", Antea Gallery, Jerusalem
    1999       "Painted Friends", Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem
    Duo Exhibitions (with Oded Zaidel)
    2012       "Jerusalem Panoramas", Migdal David Gallery, Tel-Aviv
    "The Monastery", "The Surface", Agripas 12- Cooperative Gallery
    2009       Nina Gallery, Gilo, Jerusalem
    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2012       "Footsteps in the Desert", Kibbutz Be'eri Gallery, (with artists of Agripas 12- Cooperative Gallery and artists from Phoenix, Arizona),  Kibbutz   Be'eri
    Fresh Paint 5 Contemporary Art Fair, Agripas12- Cooperative Gallery, Tel Aviv
    "Mother Tongue - National Language", Beit Yad-LeBanim Gallery, Rishon LeZion
    "The Dark Side", Agripas 12-Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem
    2011       "The lie of the land", The Diaghilev Hotel, Tel Aviv
    Fresh Paint 4 Contemporary Art Fair, Agripas 12- Cooperative Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2010       Traces IV, The National Biennale of Drawing, The Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem
    "Four Walls", Agripas 12-Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem
    2010       Fresh Paint 3 Contemporary Art Fair, Agripas 12-Cooperative Gallery, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv
    "Wolf, Wolf!", Beit Kener, Rishon LeZion
    2009       "Heshbon Nefesh", High Touch Gallery, Herzliya
    2008       "Jerusalem - Surface Fractures", The Jerusalem Artists ' House
    "Edges", Manofim Project, The New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem
    "Broken Phone", Manofim Project, The Artists Workshops, Jerusalem
    "Antea Darom", Kaye College of Education, Be´er Sheva
    2007     "The Alchemists", The New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem
    Traces  III, The National Biennale of Drawing, The Jerusalem Artists' House
    "The Desert Generation", The Jerusalem Artists´ House, The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2006       "Ebb and Flow", Agripas 12- Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem
    2005       Traces  II , The National Biennale of Drawing, The Jerusalem Artists' House
    2004       "Place for Contemporary Art", High Touch Gallery, Herzyliya
    IV International Biennale of Drawing, Pilsen, Czech Republic
    2002       "New Members 2002", The Jerusalem Artists' House
    1995       "Poetic Images", The Jerusalem Artists' House
    1982       "From Symbol to Technology", Leviathan Group, The Jerusalem Theatre

    Special Projects
    2012                       Animation film for M. Gendelev's poem
    2011-2012            Publication of M.Gendelev's and M.Grobman's poems in a Literary Review "Ktovet 4"and "Ktovet 5"
    2010-2012            Production and montage of documentary films
    Translation of Michael Gendelev's Poetry (from Russian to Hebrew)
    2010-2011            Translation of Michail Grobman's Poetry (from Russian to Hebrew)
    2008-2013            Chief of Exhibition Board, The Jerusalem Artists' House

    2012                       "For Whom the Music is Playing" -Natasha Kuznetzova, HaBait HaAdom Gallery, Tel Aviv
    2010                       "Four Walls", Agripas 12-Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem
    "A Different Reality"-Natasha Kuznetsov, The Artist's House, Jerusalem
    "Bon Voyage"-Michael Yakhilevich, The Artist's House, Jerusalem
    2008                       "Romema-Talpiot"-Oded Zaidel, Agripas 12-Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem
    2007                       "New Members 2007", with Oded Zaidel, The Artist's House, Jerusalem
    2005                       "Ziurnoff" (Landscape Painting)-Oded Zaidel, Agripas 12-Cooperative Gallery, Jerusalem

    1989 – 2001 Foundation and managing of a studio for visual communication

    1999                        Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem
    1997-                      Private lessons in drawing
    1994                       Bezalel - Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
    1993-1995            Ort College, Jerusalem
    1993-1994            Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem
    1991-2007            Emunah College, Jerusalem
    1989-1990             Meimad School, Tel Aviv

    1987       Bezalel - Academy of Arts and Design Prize for designing the banner for Israel´s 39th Anniversary
    1983       Young Artists Scholarship, America-Israel Cultural Foundation (Sharet Foundation)

    The Acquisition Board of Israel Museum, Drawing and Prints Department, Jerusalem
    Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, Umm el-Fahem
    Mikhail Gendelev, Moscow
    Vered and Amir Bitan, Jerusalem
    Mikhal and Tristan Troudart, Jerusalem
    Dafna and Zeev Goldberg, Ramat-Aviv
    Yosef David, Jerusalem
    Lena and Alon Goldman, Jerusalem
    Elena Gendelev-Kurilov, Jerusalem
    Zeev Bar-Sela, Jerusalem
    Farideh and Said Golbahar, Jerusalem
    Ira and Michael Grobman, Tel Aviv
    Yoram Halevy, Haifa
    Nurit and Ofer Levy, Mesilat Zion
    Yael and Zohar Moskovitch, Mevaseret Zion
    Neta Peleg, Haifa
    Mikhal and Tistan Troudart, Jerusalem
    Rutty and Yuval Weitzman, Mesilat Zion
    Elena Tolstoy and Michael Weisskopf, Jerusalem
    Naama and Efraim Zaidel, Jerusalem

  • Gallery talk with Lena Zaidel

    Gallery talk with the artist Lena Zaidel and the curator Albert Suisa about the exhibition “Street Wolves”

    Saturday, 28.9.2013 at 12:00 pm

  • This exhibition is accompanied by aCatalogue