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Abba Irit

Irit Abba, winner of the 2009 Andy Prize, has been creating for three decades. A graduate of

the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,Jerusalem’s Ceramic and Glass Design Dept., she

has been teaching there since the mid 80′. Her work has internalized a wide-reaching

pottery culture. During the past decade she has been perfecting porcelain work on the pottery

wheel with virtuosity, testing the boundaries of matter. She has participated in solo and group

exhibitions in galleries and museums inIsraeland abroad.

Solo exhibition 

2012        “Do”, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv

2011        ”Flora”, Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010        Poggenpohl, Herzliya

2009        “Wheel. Period”, Andy Prize Winner of 2009, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (catalogue)

2004        “Thin Line”, The Gallery – Sho’eva, Israel

2001         “Porcelain – Small Pot”, Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv

Selected Group exhibition

2012        ”Big Secret”, Beautiful Eyes Gallery, Jerusalem

2011       “Superbowl”, The Israeli Opera House, Tel Aviv

                 ”Techno. Logical Implements”, The 6th Biennale of Israeli Ceramic, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

                 ”Hendle with Care”, Design Space, Tel Aviv

                 ”Periscoptiva”, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv

                  ”Move”, The Israeli Opera House, Tel Aviv

2008       “Clay, Sensation: The Fifth Biennale of Israeli Ceramic”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2007-08   Yofi, Flow Gallery, London and Ireland (AIDA)

2007        SUNY, New Paltz, New York, Guest Artist

2006        Recipient of AIDA Scholarship to the Watershed Center for Ceramic Art, Main

                   ”Gavia” (grail, goblet), The Gallery – Sho’eva, Israel (catalogue)

                   ”From a Painter’s Diary”, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2005        ”Twisting Drops”, Collaboration with Asaf Ben Zvi, Hakibbutz  Gallery, Tel Aviv

                   Collect  2005, V&A, London (catalogue) (AIDA)

2004           Sofa 2004, Chicago, U.S.A. (catalogue) ( AIDA)

2003           “20x20x13″, The Gallery – Sho’eva, Israel

2002           The Second Biennale of Israeli Ceramics, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2001           “Big Plates”, Ceramic design exhibition, Hankin College, Holon, Israel

                      “Vase Movement”, Holon, Israel

2000           Clay 2000,  The Israeli Biennale of Ceramics. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv  (catalogue)

1999            “Potters Set a Table”, The Aaron Kahana House, Ramat Gan

                      “14 Together – Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture”, Cultural center, Rishon lezion

1998            The Israeli Pottery Symposium, Tel Hai

                      “Ways in Clay- Five decades of ceramic in Israel”, The Aaron Kahana House, Ramat Gan (catalogue)

1993            “Tea”, Kadim Gallery, Jerusalem (First prize)

1992            ”Early and Contemporary Ceramics, Haifa University (catalogue)

1989             Bezalel Graduates, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (catalogue)

                        “Ceramics from Israel”, Kassel, Germany (catalogue)

1988             ”Bottles”, Mapu gallery, Tel Aviv

1985             ”Pottery”, The Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem

1983             The Visual Art Gallery, Beer Sheba

1975             ”Bezalel 70+”, The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv (catalogue)

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