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Allweis Rory

Rory Allweis was born in the United States but has lived most of her life in Ein Karem in Jerusalem. Her paintings express a strong connection to her surroundings, both people and landscapes.
Rory was an art instructor at the Israel Museum for over 24 years. At present she is teaching at Morasha, the Jerusalem Municipal Art Center.

One Person Exhibitions

1995 – Pedagogical Center, Jerusalem
1994 – Scene and Imagined – Artists House, Jerusalem
1993 – Queen Ann’s Lace & Other Landscapes – The Jerusalem Theater
1989 – YMCA, Jerusalem
1986 – Waiting – Artists House, Jerusalem
1982 – Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
1981 – Old Jaffa Gallery, Tel-Aviv – Jaffa
1974 – Artists House, Jerusalem
1970 – Polypress, Jerusalem
1967 – Oxford University Newcomers Club, Oxford, England

In 1990 Rory received a fellowship at the Virgnia Center for Creative Arts in the U.S.A.

Rory has participated in over 30 group exhibitions, among them are: an exhibit at the Salon des Beaux Arts in Paris, an International Drawings Exhibit in Brazil, Fine Print exhibitions in Holland, Finland and Turkey, and paintings of Jerusalem artists at the Jerusalem Theater and more.
Her paintings have been included in Israeli and Unesco Art Calendars. Her works can be found in collections in Israel, the U.S., Holland, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Canada and England.

The landscape shown here is entitled : Queen Ann’s Lace and Cloudy Sky. It is painted in oil on canvas and its measurements are 36.6″ x 39.5″; 100cm x 70cm. This work is one of the many shown at the Exhibition Queen Ann’s Lace and other Landscapes held at the Jerusalem Sherover Theater in 1993. The artist first encountered this wild flower ( Queen Ann’s Lace) in her youth on a hike with the scouts. The poetic association of this flower’s delicate nature and its name, has engraved itself in her memory and inspired a series of paintings.

The Portrait is entitled I have no more dreams . It is an oil painting on canvas and its measurements are 35.5″ x 45.5″ ; 90 cm. x 116.5 cm. This painting was exhibited at the Artists House in the group exhibition in 2000 entitled The Third Color , dealing with old age. The painting was inspired by a verbal description of an old woman sitting in a sealed room during the Gulf War, mumbling to a pink comb and from time to time saying, “where are my dreams, I have no more dreams.”