Arnovitz Andi « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Arnovitz Andi

1959 Born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Lives and works in Jerusalem


1981 BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2001 “Superstitions”, ArtSpace Gallery, Jerusalem
2005 “Revisiting Secrets”, ArtSpace Gallery, Jerusalem
2008 “One Printmakers World”, Fine Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2010 “Tear/Repair”, Yeshiva University Museum, New York
2011 “Garments of Reconciliation”, Leeds Gallery, Earlham College
2013 “Tender Shreds”, JCC Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri
2015 “Persistent Realities”, University of Southern California
2015 “Threatened Beauty”, LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem
2015 “Please Stop Talking”, Agrippas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem

Selected Group Exhibitions

2003 International Printmakers Triennale, Paris
2003, 2004 Cadaques Mini Print International Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain
2004 “Outside/In”, Sotheby’s, London
2004 “Lessandra”, Annual Art Print exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 “Exhibition 35”, Jerusalem Print Workshop
2004 “Drawing II”, Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem Artists House
2005 “New Members”, Jerusalem Artists House
2006 International Biennial Print Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada
2006 “The Art of Giving”, Bremen Jewish Museum, Atlanta, Georgia
2007 “On a Small Scale”, Jerusalem Print Workshop
2008 “Jerusalem: Surface Fractures”, Jerusalem Artists House
2009 “Housewives and Heroines”, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem
2010 “A Stitch in Jewish Time”, Hebrew Union College Museum, NYC
2011 “A Season in Heaven”, Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv
2012 “Matronita”, Jewish Feminist Art, Museum of Art, Ein Harod
2012 “Spectrum of Sexuality”, HUC Museum, NYC
2013 “As Subject and Object: Contemporary Book Artists Explore Sacred
Hebrew Texts”, Museum of Biblical Art, NYC
2013 “Layers of Identity: Prints from the Jerusalem Print Workshop”,
LA Print Space at the Pacific Design Center
2013 “Paper Art in Israel II”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2014 “Textile Art in Israel” Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2014 The Print Centers ‘s 88th International Print Competitio, Philadelphia
2014 “Metamorphose”, Gallerie de la Perle Noire, Agde, France
2014 “Fail-Safe: Discomforts Close to Home”, Hap Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2014 “Monofim”, Agrippas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem
2015 “Into the Light”, Agrippas 12, Jerusalem
2015 “Re-Action, Genealogia y Contracanon”, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2015 “Intimate Transgressions”, WhiteBox Art Center NYC; Beijing; Shanghai
2015 “Wandering Jew”, Mani Katz Museum, Haifa
2015 “A Fine Line”, “Women of the Book” and “A Sense of Place”,
Jerusalem Biennale of Jewish Art
2016 “New Series”, Jerusalem Print Workshop

Grants, Honors and Residencies

2010 Artist-in-Residence: Brandeis University, Boston
2011 Artist-in-Residence: Jewish Artists Initiative of Southern California, LA
2013 Artist-in-Residence: Kansas City JCC, Missouri
2015 Artist-in-Residence: The New Venice Hagaddah Project,
Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice
2015 Anolic Foundation Award for a new Artist’s Book


Yale University
US Library of Congress
National Library of Israel
Magnus Library, University of California at Berkeley
Israel Foreign Ministry
Yeshiva University Museum, NYC
Museum of Art Ein Harod, Israel
Private collections in Israel, Europe and the United States

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