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Antro Aum

About the Artist

1960 – born in Aumland
1983 – 87 Academy of Arts, MA.
From 1992 lives in Jerusalem, Israel.
1993 – foundation of Double Space Studio, the laboratory of AntroArt.
1996 – half-year residence in “Cite Internationale des Artes”, Paris, France.Works in Space Design, Installation, Performance Art, Video Art, Painting and Computer Graphics.

Main shows

- Self-portrait (group exhibition), Installation, CoArt Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Can you Can it? Installation, Osaka Triennale of Arts, Japan.

- Love Story, (“33×33” Exhibition), Installation, The Artists House,
Jerusalem, Israel.

- Temple of Sensuality, Solo Exhibition, Installation,
The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Pomegranate Laboratory (“A Harvest of Pomegranates” Exhibition),
Installation, Ashdod Museum of Arts, Ashdod and Sadna
Leamanut Gallery, Yavne, Israel.

- Is there Reality to Repose? (“Tight Rope/Balance” Exhibition),
Installation/ performance/video, Arad Museum of Arts, Arad and
Bat-Yam Museum of Arts, Bat-Yam, Israel.

- Originality for Eating, Installation
Festival “Open Video”, Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem Cinematheques, Israel.
- Samson and Dalilah, The Opera House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

- Translations, International Festival of Arts
“Stone in Galilee”, Ma’alot, Israel.
- Translations. Outside. Jerusalem Festival, Israel.
- Samson and Dalilah Today. Installation/performance,
Ashdod Museum of Arts, Ashdod, Israel.
- Object at Dizengoff Center. Installation/performance, Gross Gallery,
Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

“Can You Can It?”, 2001
Oil on canvas, wood, carton, printings
1.50 X 2.80 X 2.80 cm