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Basil Frank


Born 1950 – Cape Town, South Africa
1971 B.A., Michaelis School of Art, University of Cape Town (Sculpture)
1972-3 Post graduate Studies – St. Martins College of Art under Anthony Caro and Phillip King majoring in Sculpture.
1975 Lectured part-time, London.
1985 Diploma Welding; Photographed Joseph Beuys erecting his installation “Plight” at Anthony D’Offay, London

Major Exhibitions:

1972 Site Specific Sculptures – Cape Town, South Africa
1972 South African Association of Arts, Cape Town, South Africa
1973 Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
1975 Space Studios – Rotherhithe, London
1998 World Contemporary Art Exhibition – Los Angeles Convention Center
2000 Art Expo 2000, Javitts Convention Center, New York, U.S.A; Gremy Galleries d’Art de Catalunya – Barcelona
2000 Site-Specific Sculptue, “Borders of Sodom” – Dead Sea, Israel

Major Group Shows:

1997 Osaka Triennale, Osaka, Japan.
1998 Judaica ‘Channukah’, Bank Leumi Tourist Center, Jerusalem.
1998 World Contemporary Art Competition & Exhibition, Los Angeles.
1999 12th German International Graphic Triennial, Frechen, Germany.
2000 International Print Triennial – “Bridge to the Future” – Cracow – Nurenberg 2000 – Poland, BWA
“Intergraphia” – Contemporary Gallery Catowice – Poland – World Winners Galley;
International Print Exhibition, “Graphic Constellation”, Szczecin, 2000;
World Award Winners Gallery Czestochowa 2000.
2001 Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Citta Di Firenze, Italy. Triennial Graz 2001;
2002 World Award Winners Gallery Torun 2002: “East Meets West” – Opole; The Continents”- Ksiaz Castle, Walbrzych; “Zeichen der Gegenwart” – Vienna Art Center, Vienna.


* Major Grand Prix – Osaka Triennial (Print) 1997 Osaka, Japan. Prize for “Jaws and White Dog”
·Best of First Awards World Contemporary Art, May 1998 – Los Angeles, for the ‘Maginot Line’.
·12th German International Graphic Art – Frechen Art Society 1999, for ‘The Transmutation’
·International Print Triennial – Cracow, 2000, Poland, Winner of The Jury’s Prize for ‘Angst 21st Century’
·Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Citta Di Firenze, Prize ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’
for ‘Sacrifice’ and Points of View’.

Press Releases:

“Jerusalem Artist Basil C. Frank wins his 5th consecutive international award since 1997 at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy. December, 2001, Mr. Frank was awarded the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” prize for his photographic works ‘The Sacrifice’ and ‘Points of View’.
Among the international jurors were Prof. John T. Spike, Prof. Barbara Rose and David S. Rubin. The juror and curator David Rubin of the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans wrote: ‘Frank’s award-winning work was among the more cutting-edge works on view’.
“Frank’s photosculptures communicate a feeling for volume and sculptural space, projecting a high-resolution sculptural presence; they make an effective and free artistic format, original and interesting”. (late Dr. Michael Sgan-Cohen, artist, art-critic, Jerusalem, 1997)
“Frank’s works, sometimes kinky and brutal, sometimes more conceptually driven and even formalistic, once more proved to stand against a varied and international background. He is able to remain original and innovative, both in his photographic and his plastic works.” (Maariv, Anat Munitz, 11th Jan, 2002)