Ben-Or Anne « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Ben-Or Anne

1965 Born in Belgium
Lives and works at Nataf, Israel

2001-2004     Jerusalem Studio School, Master Class with Israel Hershberg
1997-2000     Painting and sculpture, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Selected solo exhibitions

2005    “Echo”, Bernard gallery, Tel-Aviv
2006    “Christine Decuyper” Gallery, Brussels
2007    “Paintings”, Wohl Centre, Bar- Ilan University
2008    “Becoming”, Bernard Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2010    ”Transparent Flowers”, Giv’at Ha’im Ihud Gallery
2011    “Tender”, The Obsession of art gallery, Holland
2012    “Intimate Room”, Zemack gallery, Tel-Aviv
2015    “Defiance”, Rothschild fine art gallery, Tel-Aviv
2015     “Paintings”,  Jerusalem Artists’ House, Jerusalem
2016    ”Anne Ben Or Paintings” Artists’ House Jerusalem. Curator Ron Bartos

Selected group exhibitions

2003     “Mabat Meshulash”, Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem
2004     “Abstraction”, French cultural center Romain Gary, Jerusalem
2005     “Saint Augustine”, Kunstler Gallery, Germany
2007     “Primavera” Art fair, Holland
2008     “New passions”, The Obsession of Art Gallery, Holland
2009     “Stories”, Ein Hod Gallery
2009     “Tableau Vivant”, Artist House, Tel Aviv
2009     “Childhood Stories”, WhiteBox gallery, Munich
2011      ”Two Hopes away”, Lehi Museum, Tel-Aviv
2011      ”A Season in Heaven”,Florentin Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2013      ”Fresh paint 6″, Art Fair, Tel-Aviv, Zemach gallery, Tel Aviv
2013      ”Summer exhibition”, Zemack gallery, Tel-Aviv
2013      ”Joy of life”,The obsession of art gallery, Holland
2013      ”La Prabola  leri oggi domani”,Museum of Israeli art, Ramat-Gan
2014      ”They Paint Flowers”, Art salon, Jaffa
2015     “Salon Hacubia”, Hacubia, Jerusalem
2016      ”Art 16″ London.By Rothschild gallery
2016      ”Arti” Tiroche Auction House .By Rothschild gallery


1997-2002     Stage designer for The Israel Stage Orchestra

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