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Berry Hadassah

About the artist

Born in England in 1948 Hadassah Berry began her studies in her native England and specialized in printing in the U.S. In 1973 she immigrated to Israel and her involvement in history and social work are reflected in her art.1989-98 During extended visits in the U.S. and Europe gathered novel methods of working with surroundings in use with her work.
1994 – Sets up studio and Gallery in Hutzoth Hayozer, Jerusalem.
1995 – Works with Kesher Plein Air: Israeli and Russian Artists at workshops and exhibitions.
1998-2002 Curates group and solo exhibitions at Hutzoth Hayozer.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2000 – Ecological Forum for Israeli Artists, Teddy’s Stadium, Jerusalem.
1999 – “Kesher International Plein Air” Beit Lohamei Hagetaoth.(catalogue)
1998 – “Kesher International Plein Air” Museum of Minneapolis, USA.
1998 – “Kesher International Plein Air” Manege Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.(catalogue)
1999- International Gallery, Stockholm.
1996 – “Kesher” Cerem, Jerusalem.
“ International Plein Air” Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow.
1995 – “Transparencies” Navon Gallery,Nevei Ilan. (video)
1990 – “Artists Curate” Boston Union of Artists, USA.
1989 – “Printers of Jerusalem” Palo Museum, Jerusalem.
‘Views of the Keren Kayemeth” Israel Artists’ House, Tel Aviv.
1988 – “New Members’ Show” Israel Artists’ House, Jerusalem.

Exhibitions: Solo

2000 – “No Turning Back” Jerusalem Centre for Performing Arts, Jerusalem.
1998 – “Israel Jubilee” Royal Academy of Music, Dance and the Arts, Glasgow, Scotland.(cat)
“Israel Jubilee” Sternberg Centre of Judaism, London, UK.
“This is my Land” Elizabeth Soderberg Gallery, Western Galilee, Israel.
1997 – “Layers of Matter” Beit Gavriel, Tsemach.(catalogue)
1994 – “Monotype ’94 Israel” Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1990 – “Recent Works” Boston Frame Gallery, Boston, USA.
1989 – “Shades of Jerusalem” Zionist Confederation House, Jerusalem.