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Kampel Debbie

About the artist

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, living in Israel since 1974. Majored in Fine Art, History of Art and English at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Completed an M.A Cum Laude at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Studied at Bezalel School of Art under painters Pinhas Cohen-Gan and Michael Kovner; lithography with Dedi Ben-Shaul. Previously taught art at Kaye College and Emunah College.

Selected Exhibitions:

Solo Shows

2002 – Yeshiva University Museum, New York
1999 – ICC Jerusalem Convention Center, Jerusalem
- Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts, Jerusalem.
1996 – “Strong Hills”, Sara Kishon Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1993 – Paintings, Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem.
1990 – Views of Judean Hills, Sara Kishon Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1987 – Hills of Jerusalem; Nora Gallery, Jerusalem.

Group Shows

2002 – Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2000 – Aim for Arts International Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada.
-Landscapes, Artists House, Jerusalem.
1996 – Triennial “ Sofia ‘96”.
1995 – “Art ‘95”, New York.
1992 – Biennale d’Art Contemporain des Pays Francophones, Senart, France.
1987 – “Jerusalem Observed by Israeli Artists”, Israel Festival.
1986 – “Telfed Arts Festival”, Yad Lebanim Museum, Herzliah.


I have always been a landscape painter. A few years ago I started noticing the trucks: the powerful Mack trucks building the new neighborhood of Har Homa and the highly decorated trucks that plied the roads of Judea. Trucks that reflected the strength of the landscape and trucks that imposed a harmony of color and shape upon it. While the trucks seem to upstage and dominate the landscape in fact the landscape contains and displays them. Painting the trucks for me represents the daily existence between Jews and Arabs expressed through an aesthetic reality – the complexities and contradictions that are a part of my life here.

Debbie kampel