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Ester Haya

About Haya Ester

Painter, installation artist, writer and poet. Born in Jerusalem in 1941.Holds a master degree in education from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1979) Affiliation: Painters and Sculptors Association (1989); Hebrew Writers Association (1992); P.E.N Center,Israel (1997); Realizes her prints at the Jerusalem Print Workshop and the Galileo Intaglio Press, Kibbutz Kabri.

1988, 2000, 2005, Artist- in residence’ La Cite des Arts’ Paris
2004, Visitor Fellowship in Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Yarinton.

Artists book (Poem and six etchings, in Hebrew and French) that she created at the print workshop in Jerusalem can be found in collections in Berkeley and Harvard Universities in the United States.

Her work can be found in the collection of the Jewish Museum in Copenhagen
As well as in other collections in Israel and throughout the world

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1986 Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
1993 Navon Gallery, Neve Ilan
1994 The Jerusalem Forest exhibition, performance, multi-media show
1995 “The Mystery of Scent” exhibition, installation, performance, Artists’ House and Botanical Garden, Jerusalem
1997 “Vision of a Kingdom,” etchings, Jerusalem Theater
“Soaring in the Abyss,” etchings and drawings, Bet Gabriel, Kinneret 1998 Citè des Arts Gallery, etchings, Paris
1999 “From My Heart to my Heaven,” installation, Artists’ House, Jerusalem; “For there is scent entrance to love,” installation, the Art Gallery Memorial Center, Kiryot Tivon
2000 Dans le secret des odeurs,” Citè des Arts Gallery Paris
2001 “Permutations,” Nora Gallery, Jerusalem.
2002 “Permutations”, Caracteres Gallery Paris;Baith Mihal Rehovot:
2004 The Jerusalem Chan Theater:
2006 The Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, “Said Moon” Installation:
2006 The Artist House Jerusalem ’An egg of rejoicing, an egg of oblivion the wheel of fortune goes round” Installation:
2006 Nora Gallery, Jerusalem “Fields of the soul”- Etchings.

Selected Group exhibitions

1995 Kenegawa 18th International Print Exhibition, Japan
1996 Phenomena Festival, Jerusalem, performance
1997 “Object Sanctity Ritual,” Municipal Gallery Jerusalem (Art Focus events); Dialogues Manages,” Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg
“Object Sanctity Ritual,” Partheon, Nashville, Tennessee
1999 the 4th Kochi International Triennial of Prints, Japan
2001 “Traces-contemporary drawing in Israel,” Artists’ House, Jerusalem 2002 The 5th Kochi International Triennial of Prints, Japan
“Art and the Kabbalah,” Judiska Museet, Stockholm
“In the Footsteps of the Philistine Bird,” Ashdod Museum
“Local Art,” The Israel Museum Jerusalem
“The Boundaries of Sculpture,” the Open Museum, Omer

2002 The 5th Kochi Intarnational Triennial of Prints, Japan:
2002 Art of Kabbalah”,Judiska Museet, Stockholm:
2002 “ In the footsteps of the Philistine Bird” Ashdod Museum:
2002 “Local Art”, The Israel Museum Jerusalem; 2002 “The Boundaries of Sculpture,” the Open Museum in Omer;
2002 “Food in Art: a Matter of Taste”, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, The Ruth Youth Wing.
2003 6thTriennale mondiale Chmalières France”; 2004 “Lehavdil”, Spice boxes from Jermeny, (a poem and an art work) The Israel Museum Jerusalem:
2005” Traces Contemporary Drawing in Israel” Artists House Jerusalem:2005 Ashdod Museum;
2005 “My mouths inside the pomegranate, The Jewish and Arabic Theater, Jafa;
2007 “On a Small Scale” Jerusalem Print Workshop.


Soft Stones, short stories, (Eked 1983); A Shirt of Light, short stories, (HaKibbutz HaMeuhad1988;
The Bird from the Arks of law (Carmel1989);
Akdamot Hashem (Carmel 1994);
“The Liar”, a story, in the Other Voice, Lily Ratok (ed) (Siman Kriya 1994)
English translation available, “Nehama Gittel”, in New Women’s Writings from Israel, Risa Domb (ed) Vallentin Mitchell, London 1996 (English).
“The Liar” in Rbcage, Israeli women`s Fiction, Ahadassa Study Guide edited by Carol Diament and Lily Rattok.
German trunslation available: ”Dunstschleier In Jerusalem”, in Jüdisher Almanch des Leo Baeck Instituts, Gisela Dachs (ed) Jüdisher Verlag 2003


The Blue Ram (Writers Union, 1996);
The Spirit and the Blood, included in a series edited by Menahem Ben (Yaron Golan, 1996); For There is in scent Entrance to Love (Myrhaf 1998);
My Flesh Speaks God (Carmel 2001);
The Abyss and the making (Carmel 2004)
Poems translated into French by Esther Orner and published in French journal, Midi.
Dans Le Secret Des Odeurs, Poems translated into French by Esther Orner published in the France Editions Caracteres (2002)
Serafa (Carmel 2006)

I placed them in the secret niches of history, An artist book,
Poem and six etchings, Hebrew and French Translated into French by Ester Orner, (Myrhaf 2002).


1997 catalogue, Vision of a Kingdom.
1999 catalogue, For There is in Scent Entrance to Love.
2001 catalogue, Permutations.

Prizes and Scholarships

1988 Kugel Prize for Literature,
Holon Municipality
1989 Work Grant, Tel Aviv Foundation, Grant for Literature and Art
1995 Tschernikhovsky Prize (Poetry), Writers’
Association, Tel Aviv.

2003 Prize of the prime minister un litrertiore (prose and poetry).