Eyal Malcha « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Eyal Malcha

Born in Israel

Studied in Bezalel on a non-degree basis.

Member of The Association of Painters and Sculptors

Artistic Media: Pastel


One-woman show, Tel-Aviv, 1987.

New members show at “Jerusalem Artists House”, 1987

One-woman show, Ashkelon, 1988

One-woman show, “Jerusalem Artists House”, 1988.

One-woman show at Galley ’13 ½’, Jaffa, 1989.

One-woman show at Jerusalem Theater, 1992.

Group show, Montpellier, France, 1993.

Group show, “Haifa Artists House”, “Line 940”, 1995.

One-woman show, Hagg, Netherlands, 1994.

Group show, Portland, Oregon, 1994.

One-woman show at Tel-Aviv’s Bible Museum, 1997.

A Word From The Artist

The desire to create has been a part of me ever since childhood. My choice of profession, as dictated by the spirit of the times, was rather more artisan than artistic. I studied to be an architectural technician. However, at a relative late age my dream of devoting myself to art became reality. After years of attending art classes, I turned art into a way of life. Working alone with no instructions, I searched a subject I could interpret personally. It was not a coincidence that I chose nature, with its endless possibilities, with its power and colors that set imagination racing.