Gafni Naomi « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Gafni Naomi

About the artist

1943 born in Jerusalem, Israel.
1963 graduates from Art Teachers College in Tel Aviv (Midrasha).
1968 B.A. from Hebrew University in History and English Literature.
1980 M.ed. (Masters Degree in arts and education) from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.Uses a wide range of materials in painting and drawing including chalks, oils, acrylic and modeling paste. Combines traditional and modern techniques and approaches, including digital photography.


1986 group show of etching and monoprints at Columbia University, New York.
1989 one-man show at the Confederation House in Jerusalem, Water colors and prints.
1993 one-man show at Tova Osman’s gallery in Tel-Aviv, “Nahla’ot”: oil paintings on wrapping paper.
1995 one-man show at Tova Osman’s gallery in Tel-Aviv, “Drawing”: large scale charcoal drawings of Kiriat-Gat on brown paper.
1999 one-man show at “Art Space” in Jerusalem, “Dis-Covering”: self portraits, oil on small canvases.
2000 one-man show at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, “Mount Zion”: a view from Yamin Moshe, oil on canvas and paper.
2001 one-man show in “”little room gallery”, Ellul, Jerusalem, “Outline for The Creation of the World”, mixed media.
2002 group show at “House of Artists” in Jerusalem, “Drawings in Israel Now” (curated by Illan Wisgan), charcoal on variety of papers.
2002 one-man show in “Jerusalem Theater Gallery”, “Momentarily Me”: 18 self-portraits in pastels and charcoal on paper.
2005 “Murder of Izak”, Group exhibition, Beit Ori and Rami Lehoshtan Museum, Ashdot Yaakov Museum
2007 “Danny Lookout”, Ein Harod Art Center, Ein Harod
2007 group show at the Jerusalem Artists’ House: Drawing in
Israel III
2008 group show, Yakar gallery
2008 group show, “Aheret” Art gallery, Tel Aviv, “Osh-yosh”
2008 one-man show, “Aheret” art gallery, Tel Aviv,
2009 group show, “Homage to Zipi Luria”, Hillel 17 gallery, Jerusalem
2009 group show, “Gloo-ya”, Hillel 17 gallery, Jerusalem
2009 group show, “30 Years of Art in Tova Osman’s Art gallery”, Woman International Day Annual Show, Tel Aviv Artists House, Tel Aviv
2009 one-man show, “Polyethylene Ltd.”, Drawings and prints on paper, Tel Aviv Artists House, Tel Aviv