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Goldberg Rifkah(Rita)

About the artist

Rifkah Goldberg settled in Jerusalem in 1975, has two sons and is married to the writer Shalom Freedman. A biochemist by training (Ph.D. Cambridge University), she works as an academic writer and editor. She studied art in Cambridge and Jerusalem (with Eli Niago, Michael Kovner at the Bezalel Art School and the Russian artist Simion Rozenshtein). She also writes poetry in English.
In her paintings, mostly done outdoors, she seeks to express and transmit her feelings about Jerusalem. She observes the souls of its grand buildings, which are revealed as the old is taken down to make way for the new. Broken and weathered chairs, unassuming back yards and alleys, simple daily objects and peeling interiors hint at the fascinating people who occupied them over the years, with occasional glimpses of the enduring city beyond. Other series depict Jerusalem characters viewed from behind, and a little black man confronting the vastness of the new neighbourhoods.
One-man shows include: “Consolation of Color” at the Jerusalem Theatre (2002); Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv (2000); “Jerusalem Images” at the Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem (1997); “Jerusalem Soulscapes” at the Sarah Einstein Gallery, Jerusalem (1996); Alon Gallery, Jerusalem (1981); and Cambridge University, England (1971).
She took part in the group show “” at the Israel Museum in 2001. A Member of the Israel Association of Visual Arts since 1999, she has been in two group exhibitions at the Artists’ House: “Landscapes” (2000) and “New Members’ Exhibition” (1999). Other group shows include: Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of the State of Israel at the Gerar Behar Gallery, Jerusalem (1998), Open Gallery (Tirosh), Jaffa and the Yakar Gallery. Her paintings are in private collections in England, France, Germany, the United States and Israel.