Intrator-Barak Hava « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Intrator-Barak Hava

Born in Kazakhstan‭, ‬Russia‭, ‬during the Holocaust‭ (‬her parents were exiled from Poland to Russia in 1940‭)
1950 Immigrated to Israel from Poland 1961 Graduated from Lewinsky College‭, ‬Tel Aviv 1968 Graduated from the Philosophy Department‭ (‬specializing in esthetics‭), ‬Tel Aviv University‭‬ Studied painting with Daphna Dostrovsky‭, ‬Eliahu Gat‭, ‬and at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv‭. Painting techniques‭ – ‬oil‭, ‬gouache‭, ‬aquarelle‭, ‬and mixed media‭ She has had thirty solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad‭, ‬and has participated in many group exhibitions‭ ‬ She lives and creates in Mevasseret Zion‭


1960 Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1973 Engel Gallery, Jerusalem
1974 Chemerinsky Gallery, Tel Aviv
1975 Engel Gallery, Jerusalem
1976 Beit Shalom Aleichem, Tel Aviv
1977 The Municipal Museum, Ramat Gan
1978 Shulamit Gallery, Tel Aviv
1978 Engel Gallery, Jerusalem
1979 The Municipal Museum, Petach Tikva
1980 The Municipal Museum, Ramat Gan
1980 Engel Gallery, Jerusalem
1981 Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
1983 The National Theatre Habimah, Tel Aviv
1987 Shulamit Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 University of London, Dixon Gallery
1991 Henny Handler, London
1993 Ben Uri, London
1993 Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
1995 Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1995 Jerusalem, Bar David Museum, Baram
1996 National Jewish Museum, Washington, DC.
1999 Jerusalem Theatre
2001 Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz
2001 Elizabeth S. Fine Museum, San Francisco, CA
2002 Museu Da Regiao Flaviense, Chaves, Portugal
2002 Museu Autonio de Almeida, Porto, Portugal
2002 Museu da Agua, Lisbon, Portugal
2002 Artists House, Jerusalem
2003 Beit Gabriel, Kineret
2008 Artists’ House, Tel Aviv


1961 Exhibition of Young Artists, Artists’ House, TelAviv
1963 General Exhibition of Israel Artists, Tel Aviv
1964 General Exhibition of Israel Artists, Tel Aviv
1965 General Exhibition of Israel Artists, Tel Aviv
1977 Spring And Summer Exhibitions, Shulamit Gallery, Jaffa
1977 International Art Fair, Tel Aviv
1978 Jubilee Exhibition, The Municipal Museum, PetachTikva.
1978 International Art Fair, Tel Aviv
1978 Israel’s 30th Anniversary, The Municipal Museum, Ramat Gan
1981 Landscape Exhibition, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
1982 Israelischer Kunstler Band, Frankfurt
1982 “Portraits”, Artists House, Tel Aviv
1982 Representive Showing, Brussels
1991 Scenes from The Holy Land, Ben Uri, London
1992 Interior Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
1992 Homage to Rembrandt Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
1993 “Contemporary Israeli Artists” , Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb
1995 Made To Measure, Artists House, Tel Aviv
2000 “Tmunat Masav 33/33″, Artists House, Jerusalem
2005 Israeli Artists, Embassy of Israel, Paris