Israeli Shosh « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Israeli Shosh

1947    Born in israel


High Education
2002- 2004      Video  Art  studies, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
1994-1996       Specialization in metalografhia, developing original techniques of   printing on metal, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
1978-1984       Studies of ceramics, studio at Tel Aviv

1976-1978      Specialization printing workshop, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

1972-1976      B.A., The Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

1968-1971      Art History and General History Studies, The Hebrew university, Jerusalem

1966-1967      Art studies, Avni  institute, Tel  Aviv

1965-1966      General History Studies, University of the Negev, Beer Sheva


Teaching Experience

1992-2000    Art teacher , Emunah  College, Jerusalem

1993-1997    Art teacher , School of Arts attached to Emunah College, Jerusalem

1985-            Lecturer, The Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
1977-1985    Art Teacher, The Open University, Jerusalem
1973-1978    Art courses combined with music, Carmely school, Jerusalem


International Exhibitions

2013    Group exhibition, Siegen, Germany
2009    Jewish/Arab common exhibition, Munich, Germany
2008    The 3th Biannale of Printing, Museum of Art, Bangkok Thailand
2005    The 12th Biannale of Printing, Museum of Modern Art, Tai Pe, Taiwan

1999    The 9th Biannale of Printing, Museum of Modern Art, Tai  Pe, Taiwan
1970    “61 Years of Independence”, National Gallery of Art, Colombo, Sri Lanka



Solo Exhibitions
2013    Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

2012    Kfar Yasif Gallery
2009    Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

2006    Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

2002    Nachshon Gallery, Kibbutz Nachshon
2001    Nora Gallery,  Jerusalem

1999    Miklatok  Gallery, Kibbutz Maabarot

1998    Nora  Gallery, Jerusalem

1996    Edge of the View Gallery, Zefat

Gallery in the Arts Centre, Givat  Haviva

1995    Arts Centre, Morasha, Jerusalem

1994    Morris Luis Art Gallery, old Bezalel building, Jerusalem (part of art focus)


Group Exhibitions

2012    Artist’s House Gallery, Tel Aviv
Baad Gallery, Tel Aviv
Benjamin Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010    Menofim Gallery, Jerusalem

2007    ”Desert  Generation”, The Artists’ House Gallery, Jerusalem

Public Gallery, Ramle

2006    Venta  Gallery, Jerusalem

2005    Artist’s House  Gallery, Jerusalem

Exhibition of  Outdoor  Posters, Kibbuts Maabarot

2004    Miklatok  Gallery, Kibbuts  Maabarot

2002    Teachers’  Exhibition, Ofakim

2000    Teachers’  Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

1999    Exhibition of Outdoor Illuminated Sign Posts, Kefar Saba

Gallery  Nora, Jerusalem

1998    Gallery  Nora, Jerusalem

1994    Science  Museum, Jerusalem

Plastic  Bubbles, old Bezalel building, Jerusalem
1977    Helena Rubinstein Museum, Tel Aviv
1976    Artist’s House Gallery, Tel Aviv
1972    City Hall Gallery, Beer Sheva
1971    Exhibition of Painting & Sculpture, Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Video art
2012    International Video Art Festival, Marseille, France,
“Fun Fun” Video Festival, Central Station, Tel Aviv
2010    Digital Video Festival, Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem
2009    ”Stinky  Beauty”, Short Film Video Festival, Eden cinema, Jerusalem
2008    Metafest – Short Film Festival, San Fransisco, U.S.A
10th  International Multimedial Video Festival, Serbia
Crystalist Video Festival Belfast, Ireland
2007    “The children of Ester”, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem
2006    A documentary video film made in Sultan Chamud , Kenya
“The widow and the Soldier”, Jerusalem International Film Festival
2005    “Memento Mori”, Jerusalem International Film Festival

2012    Production of decoration for the plays “Lady twisted” and
“Oedipal” for theatres in Tel Aviv
Establishment and management of the print workshop at the New Gallery in

the Artist’s Center, Jerusalem

2011    Project “Painting = Fashion” with cooperation of a fashion
studio during the fashion week of Berlin, Germany
2010    Curator of the exhibition “Buy Me”, Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem
2008-2010    Project of developing artistic & creative connections
with autistic children (combined with documentation), Dekel school for

Autistic Children, Lod
1978-1992    Ceramics designe, private works, large scale wall design, Mount  Zion

hotel, jerusalem

Renovation and restoration, wall in Safra square,  Jerusalem

Participation in restoration, Nahalat Shiv’a promenade, Jerusalem

Design of decorative wall, Hutzot Hhayozer, Jerusalem