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Hefetz Magdalena

Curiculum Vitae

Born in Berlin 1944
Studied Ceramics in Berlin
and graduated from the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem

1978-82 Taught at the Bezalel Academy, Dept. of Ceramics
1988-95 Chairwoman of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel
1989 Curated the traveling exhibition “Ceramics from Israel”, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Finland.
1990 Initiated and leaded the Symposium “Art and Industry”, Beer-Sheva
1990 Participated at the 6th International Symposium, Römhild, East Germany
1991 Curated with Dr. G. Ofrat “The Beginnings of the Israeli Ceramics 1932-1962”
1991-93 Taught at the College for Visual Arts, Beer-Sheva
1992 Participated at the International Symposium, Siklos, Hungary
1993-95 Art Director of the I. and II. International Ceramics Biennale, Beer-Sheva
1996 Artist residency at the Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA
1996 Guest lecture at the University Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
2003-06 Participated at the Jewish-Arab Ceramics Symposium, Umm El Fahem
2005 Chairwoman of the Artists House, Jerusalem, Painter and Sculpture Association

Participated in numerous group exhibitions and held 13 solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
Works in Public Buildings:
1998 – Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem
1999 – Jerusalem High School for the Arts, Jerusalem
2001 – Ha’Yovel School, Jerusalem
2003 – Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem
2004 – High School, Beit Zafafa, Jerusalem

* All public works were made in collaboration with Ruth Horam save the work at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

1998 – The British-Israel Culture Foundation
1999 – The Ministry of Culture and Education
1999 – The Ceramic Artists Association of Israel

Text for the Sculptor / Instalation “Zabar”

“Zabar 2005″
Magdalena Hefetz

The “Zabar” is an Israeli myth signifying the new generation which is born in the country.
( prickly outside, inside sweet )
In this work I show the tension between the myth and reality, the tension between three dimensions and two dimensions, introducing a new discussion about the myth of the “Zabar”.
It shows the soldiers as occupiers and victims at the same time.
Using the medium of video sharpens the tension between the surrealistic picture and the realistic situation.

The sculpture “Zabar 2005″ is made of Ceramics.
( 1.20 m’ high incl. the pot )
The spikes are plastic toys in form of soldiers.
The photos are 50×70 cm.
The breaking and its results were documented by video.

Photos: Ilan Amihai
Camera & Editing: Nurit Sharett
Sound: Shalom Weinstein