Max Epstein « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Max Epstein

1974 Born in Pskov, Russia
1990 Immigrated to Israel
1990-2001 Open seminar in Photography, Ramat-Gan
1997 Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, Jerusalem
Since 2004 Lecturer of animation, The Sapir College / Since 2005 Set Design for “Dror” Theatre, Jerusalem.

Solo Exhibitions

2009 “Marks of Presence”, Hebrew University, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem
2009 “Land of the Jackal”, the Artists’ House, Tel-Aviv.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2002 “2nd Biennale for Ceramic Artist”, installation in cooperation with textile artist-Katia Oicherman, The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv
2002 “Dozing Rosing”, The New Gallery, Jerusalem
2004 “The Sleepless Night of Hedva Shemesh”
2004 The New Gallery, Jerusalem
2005 “Jerusalem Classicism”, “Nina Timofeeva Ballet Studio”, Jerusalem; “Be-Longing”, “Clipa” Theatre, Jaffa / 2006 “The Elusive Museum”, Dwek Gallery, Jerusalem
2007 “DACHA”, Pskov Gubernian Museum, Pskov, Russia
2007 “The Elusive Museum-part2″, Hava Gallery, Holon
2008 “Jerusalem – Surface fractures”, Jerusalem Artists’ House, Jerusalem
2008 “Intimacy Places”, Dwek Gallery, Jerusalem
2008 “GOYIM”, The New Gallery, Jerusalem
2008 “Jerusalem, Ghosts”, The New Gallery, Jerusalem.

Theatrical Projects

2003 Production designer for film “Arie” (co-production –Russia, Israel)
2005 Director of Video & Animation film “Ever it was”, 6.5 min.
2008 Director of animated theatre play “Mar Lir”, Summer Festival, Jerusalem Theatre

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