Ofek Jonathan « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Ofek Jonathan


1973 Born in Jerusalem, Israel
1990 – 1994 Military service in the IDF
1994 – 1995 Studies in Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts at the Ceramic Design Department
Apprentice in a foundry using the lost wax technique.
1996 Shepherd in the Israeli Negev desert
1997 – 1999 Assistant of the artist Aharon Ben-Arie
Designing and building unique public sculptures around Israel
2000 – 2002 Studies in Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts at the Ceramic Design Department
2002 – 2004 Studies in the Haifa University at the Art Department


Hecht foundation scholarship for young artist 2004
Ish- Shalom foundation encourage prize 2005

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1997 “A to Z“, Paintings, Taamon café-gallery, Jerusalem
1999 “Pharaoh’s Dream“, Sculptures, the Ceramic Design Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2001 “Paper Cuts“, Zafririm gallery, moshav Zafririm
2003 “House and Mountain“, Sculptures, the Gallery, moshav Shoeva
2006 “House Wall Hill and tree “, Sculptures, Berr Art Center, Maalot
2006 “ Touching the essence “ Sculprures, Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibutz Hazorea
2006 “Landscape sculptures” , Sculptures, David – Yelin academy, Jerusalem

Selected Group Exhibitions

1999 “Ami- Chayes / in line and brush“, Jerusalem
2000 “Haifa’s spring exhibition“, Haifa
2001 “Penguin project“, Creo-Sitex, Tel-Aviv
2003 “Lions in Jerusalem“, Jerusalem
2004 “End note 4“, Jerusalem
“End note 5“, Jerusalem
“The Sacrifice of Isaac”, Solomon’s Hall Museum, Jerusalem
Hecht foundation scholarship winner’s exhibition, Hecht Museum, Haifa
“Tzphonim“, Haifa’s University Art Department Graduators’ exhibition
Artists House Tel-Aviv
2005 “Wedding”, Ma’alot
“New members exhibition” The Artists House Jerusalem
2006 “ Mini Israel “ Israel Museum, Jerusalem
“ Grail “ The gallery “ Moshav Shoeva
“The Fourth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics “ Eretz Israel Museum, Tel aviv
2007 “ Lama Kova ? “ Ashdod Municipal museum
“ Desert Generation “ Jerusalem, Tel aviv
“ Yearning “ Yad Ben Tzvi, Jerusalem