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Rotem Gina

About the Artist

Painter in oil and mixed media

1930 Born in Poland, Lives in Jerusalem
1960-1963 Studied at the Instituto Statale D’arte per la Ceramica, Faenza, Italy
1968 Membership of the Ceramicists Association of Israel
1981-1982 Participation in special extended studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1990 Membership of the Association of Painters and Sculptors – Jerusalem Artists
1992 B.A in comparative literature and general studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1992,1997 Fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Mt. San Angelo, Virginia, USA


Painting – One Woman Shows

1991 “Sacrifice”, Artists House, Jerusalem
1993 “In Memory of Donia”, Art Center Gallery, Jerusalem
1994 “In Memoriam”, Format Gallery, Krakow, Poland
1997 “A Month in Virginia, USA”, Artists House, Jerusalem

Painting – Collective Show

1990 “New Members”, Artists House, Jerusalem

Ceramics – One Woman Shows

1976 Haaretz Museum, Tel-Aviv
1978 Garden Sculpture, Jerusalem
1981 “Impressions in Clay”, Artists House, Jerusalem

Ceramics – Collective Shows

1970 Museo Statale per la Ceramice, Faenza, Italy
1970 Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv
1972 Museo Statale per la Ceramice, Feanza, Italy
1973 Haaretz Museum, Tel-Aviv
1975 Old Jaffa Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1979 “Keramic aus Israel”, Germany

  • Traces III
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