Shafrir Aviva « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Shafrir Aviva

Born in Tel Aviv, lives and works in Jerusalem.


1965-67 Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem (evening courses)
1968-69 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
1975-76 Factory of Visual Arts, Seattle, Washington, U. S. A
1975-77 Studied watercolor and drawing at the Jerusalem Studio School of the late Joseph Hirschberg
1983 Accepted as Member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association

Group Exhibitions

1975 Community Center for the Arts, Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem
1983 Artists House, Jerusalem (New Members)
1986 New Jersey Art Center, USA
1996 100 Years of Painting in Jerusalem (Exhibition at Ma’ale Hahamisha)
2000 “33×33” Artists House, Jerusalem
2001 Landscapes, Water colors. Artists House, Jerusalem.

Solo Exhibitions

1975 Jewish Community Center, Seattle, Washington, USA
1978 Hebrew Youth Center, Jerusalem
1984 Discount Bank, Jerusalem
1985 New Jersey Art Center, USA
1989 “Landscapes in Jerusalem” Artists House, Jerusalem
1994 Desert Impressions, Watercolor Exhibition, YMCA, Jerusalem
1997 The Burnt Forest, FJF, Paris
2000 The Burnt Forest, YMCA, Jerusalem