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Shalev Rika

passed away on 2010

I was born in Kibbutz Kinnereth. Kinnereth and the Sea of Galilee, the surrounding mountains, and the light are always with me. In my childhood, work was an ultimate value and painters were not allotted days for painting.

When I asked my father, Aharon Shidlovsky (may he rest in peace) to inquire about painting time for me, he told me there are people who want to read a book and others who want to drink beer, and those who want to paint.

There is a well-known story about Aharonchik Giladi (may he rest in peace), a member of Kibbutz Afikim and a wonderful painter: when he was finally allotted a day for painting, he would go to the studio in his work clothes and with a ladder on his shoulder, so that no one would envy him.

And little me, all I got were rain days.

When I came home for school for a third of a working day in the afternoon, I used to wish every little cloud would bring down some rain (I worked in the field). But, to my consternation, it does not rain much in the Jordan Valley. It was only I went abroad after the War of Independence on a “Youth Immigration” mission to children’s homes in France and afterwards to Paris, that I went to study at the Grands Chaumiers.

When I was nearly finished with the first week opposite the model, the “professeur” (who arrives one day before completion of the painting) asked me whether I had fallen from the moon, and at that time no one had yet been on the moon (except for me). Only when I had returned to Israel, I studied for 5 years at the High Academy for Painting. Afterwards I was a student of Rafi Lavi, and when I finished, he said that I absorbed everything and didn’t steal anything from him.

Up to this very day inspiration is with me almost only in the landscape.


Graduated the Academy of Painting of Margolshinsky, Tel Aviv.
Completed advanced studies in painting and art with Rafi Lavi and Studied painting at the Grands Chaumiers, ParisTaught painting and art at the Bet Berl Teacher’s College

Group Exhibitions

Artists House, Tel Aviv 1968
Chagall House, Haifa 1968
Beer Sheva 1968
“Flowers Now,” Artists House, Tel Aviv 1985
Cross Section Exhibit. Artists House, Jerusalem 1986
“Trees”, Artists House, Jerusalem 1988
“33 X 33” exhibition, Artists House, Jerusalem 2000

Three-Artist Exhibition

Chimerinsky Gallery 1971

Solo Exhibitions

Kerem Institute, Jerusalem 1981
Alon Gallery, Jerusalem 1982
Artists House, Jerusalem 1983
“Landscapes and Rhythms” Artists House, Jerusalem 1995
“All This Light” Gabriel House 2001
“Rhythms in the Landscape,” Jerusalem Theatre 2001
“Spring” Rabin Guest House, Jerusalem 2002