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Shimon Pinto


1997-2000       Diploma, Graduate + senior Guide, Visual Arts Center Beer Sheva.

1999-2000       History of Art, Ben – Gurion University, Beer Sheva.

Solo Exhibitions

1996                “Judean Desert” – Paintings, Turkish Hamam in Jaffa.

2000                “Archaic Soul” – Paintings, Arad Museum, Curator: Miri Taragan, Catalog Arad Museum.

2004                “Archaic Soul”, Shuni Fortress, Tail Hoffman and Shimon Pinto.

2011                “Mom Doesn’t Allow The Donkey Into The House”, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Curator: Rachel Sukman.

2012                “There is No Distant Place”, Florentin45 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Dr. Ktzia Alon.

2013                “The Donkey, the Material and the Spirit”, Rehovot Municipal Gallery of Art, Curator: Ora Kraus, (Catalog).

2014                “The Desert’s Prayer”, Senate gallery, Ben Gurion University, Curator: Prof. Haim Maor, (Catalog).

2014                “Artist wall”, Jerusalem Artists’ Studios, Curator: Hadassa Goldvicht.

2014                “Vayehi Hayom” . Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Curator: Ilan wizgan.

2015                “For the sake of unification  North-South” museum Uri and Rami Nehostan, Curator: Prof. Haim Maor, (Catalog).

2016                Sefat Emet . On memory, Imagination and Painting in the 21 st century. Curator. Dr Guy Morag. Jaffa Gallery,

2017                Maktub , Be’eri Gallery.Cuator , Ziva Yellin.

Special Projects

2012                “Residency with the residents”, Painting project at the seam line, Musrara, Jerusalem. Curators:Guy Briller,Matan Israeli, Yuval Yairi, Chamutal Wachtel, Irit Manor.

2012                (October – November) – “purify”, outdoor painting at the musrara neighborhood,

“Menofim” project, Jerusalem.

2012                (September) – “Gamach Avatichim”, outdoor painting at the musrara neighborhood, Muslala project, Jerusalem.

2013                Manager and coordinator of the “outdoor art in the Orthodox Mea-Shearim neighborhood and the Third Wall” project, Jerusalem.

2015                Object & Performance,” Cold comfort”- The Refrigerator. Tel Aviv.

2015                Curator: “Cross Point” Solo Exhibitions, Artists House Tel Aviv. For the painter: Heddy Abramowitz.

Group Exhibitions

1997                “Marking 50 to the State of Israel” – Painting and Sculpture, Arad Museum. Curator: Miri Targan.

1998                “Sculpting on a Small Scale” – Central Gallery, Arad, Curator: Miri Targan.

1999                            “Mother’s Kitchen” – Video Installation, Kay College Gallery, Beer Sheva.

2000                            Artists & Sculptors Association of Beer Sheva, Curator: Chavi Finegold.

2001                “Impressions”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Curator Ilan wizgan, Catalog.

2001                “New Friends” – Paintings, Artists’ House, Beer-Sheva.

2001                “Bikkurim” – Paintings, Ein Hod Gallery.

2002                “Message in a Bottle”, The Museum Forum.

2003                “New power” – Paintings, Ein Hod Gallery, Curator: Chavi Finegold.

2005                            “Young Art”, Artists’ House, Beer Sheva.

2006                            Private Collectors exhibit, Yavne Gallery.

2009                New Works, The Museum Forum, Ashdod Museum.

2011                “Blooming”, Merhav Art Space, Old Jaffa, curators: Gilat Nadivi, Vera Pilpoul.

2012                “Beit Midrash of Art”, graduates exhibition/session 2, Ramat-Gan Museum, Curator: Monica Lavie, (Catalog).

2012                “Bread and Roses”, art sale exhibition.

2012                “Jacks”, group exhibition, Merhav Art Space, Old Jaffa.

2012                “Conversations - Visual artists converse with writers and their works”, The exhibition was part of the International “Writers Festival” at Mishkenot Shamanism, Jerusalem, Curator: Irena Gordon.

2012                “Oh, My Kinneret…”, The Other Gallery, Holon, Israel. Curator: Avner bar Hama.

2013                “Pushtit” – “International Plain Notebook Project, Beit Ha’ir Tel Aviv, followed by number of countries overseas. Curator: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, assistant curator: Yifaat Sarah Perel.

2013                “A Tale of a Woman and a Robe”: Ritual Immersion of Female Converts, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, Curator: Raz Samira, (Catalog).

2013                “Fame”, Rechovot Municipal Art Gallery, Curators: Ora Kraus, Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, (Catalog).

2013                “Ancestors”, Benyamini Gallery, curator: Yasmin Bergner, (Catalog).

2014                “Prophet Prophet” – 45 Emek Refaim Street Jerusalem, as part of “Manofim” project, curators: Orian Glaster, Porat salmon and Ronen Itzhaki.

2014                “From the Depths” – Okashi Art Museum – Akko, curator: Rachel Zomer, (Catalog).

2014                ” Anti-Portrait”, Sarah Herman gallery, Curator: Mira Tzeder.

2014                “Cecilia”, artists-house Tel-Aviv, curators: Nir Harmat and Dalia Danon.

2014                “Broken Beads”, Senate Gallery, Ben Gurion University, Curator: Haim Maor.

2014                “Boutique” Hahashmal Gallery Tel Aviv, curator: Dr. Guy Morag.

2014                “Calm branches”, Hanut31 (Ha’Hanut) Gallery | Theatre Tel Aviv, Curator: Oded Vartash.

2014                Benyamini Gallery, Artists for Lewinsky library, curator: Ravit Harari.

2014                “Pushtit”, Beit Ha’ir Tel Aviv, curator: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz.

2015                “Transparent/Opaque”, Skirball Museum of Biblical Archaeology in Jerusalem, Curator: Avital Naor Wexler, as part of the Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporary Art.

2015                “On the Sea”, Sarah Herman gallery, Curator: Mira Tzeder.

2015                [There, There], Beit Avi Chai Jerusalem, Curators: Porat Salomon, Ronen Itzhaki and Orian Glaster.

2015                “Refrigerator – the eastern wall”, Curator: Professor Haviva Pedaya.

2015                “Rocking Horse or The roots of an art form”,  Sapir College, Curator: Liav Mizrahi.

  • Found in private collections in Israel and abroad.
  • Found in the Israel Museum collection, Jerusalem.