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Silver Pamela

Biographical Notes  

1948       – Pamela Segal was born in Johannesburg, South Africa
1952       – Moved with her family to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
1973       – Immigrated to Israel
1985       – Member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors
Lives and works in Motza Illit near Jerusalem


1965-69   – BA in History, English, University of Cape Town, South Africa
1971       – Postgraduate certificate of education, Goldsmith’s College, University of London
1982-83 – Studied at the Art Students’ League, New York
1992        - Studied etching and silk screen printing at the Jerusalem Print Workshop
and has printed there on an individual weekly basis since 1996
1995      – Massachusetts School of Art and Design, Boston.Monoprint Workshop

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1984      - “Faces fromNewYork,” Alon Gallery, Jerusalem
1988     – The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1988     – Ben Uri, London Jewish Museum of Art
1989     – “Watercolors,” Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv (two-person exhibition)
1991      - “Faces in Nature,” Alon Gallery, Boston (two-person exhibition)
1992     – “Childhood Memories,” Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem
1993     – “The Sea,” Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, Jerusalem
1995     – “A Journey Home to Zimbabwe,” Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)
1995     – “A Journey Home to Zimbabwe,” National Gallery, Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
1997     – “Falling from the Stars,” The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1998     – “In Every Color there is Light,” Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem
1999     – “Magic Earth,” Leighton House Museum, London
1999     – “A Watercolor Diary,” The Art Gallery, Beit Gabriel on the Kinneret, Israel
2000    - “A Watercolor Diary,” Saka Gallery, Tokyo
2002    - “Magical Dreams” Galleri Sct. Gertrud, Copenhagen
2002    - Official Artists of the EDTA XXXIX Copenhagen
2003    - “Images Fleeting Past,” The Khan Museum, Ashkelon, Israel (cat.)
2004    - “Circles in the Sand,” The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
2004    - “Circles in the Sand,” Galerie am Park, Vienna
2004    - “Circles of My Soul,”  Museu Da Água da Epal, Lisbon (cat.)
2006    - “Secret Symbols,” Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem (cat.)
2008    - “Sensing the Other,” The Jerusalem Art Center, Jerusalem (cat.)
2009    - “Cape Town, How I Love You and All Your Secrets,” Spier, Stellenbosch, South Africa
2009    - “A Jerusalem Summer Evening,”  Galleri Sulegaarden,  Assens, Denmark (cat.)
2012     – “I See You,” The Art House Gallery, Mevasseret, Jerusalem (cat.)
2013     – “The Horizon is Here” The ZaritskyArtists’House Tel Aviv (cat.)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016     – “Fresh Paint”, Gottesman Etching Centre exhibition, Tel Aviv
2016     – “Green Earth”, Kalakshatra Museum Gallery,  Kalakshatra, Guwahati, India (cat.)
2016  -”The Masters- Etching”, Royal Society of Painters and Printmakers, Bankside Gallery
2015  - “The Original Print Show”, Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk UK
2015     – “The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition,” London (cat.)
2015     – “Red and Green International Female Art Exhibition”, Ningbo Art and Cultural Center
2015     -“The 13rd Sage of Calligraphy” Cultural Festival, Linyi China
2015     – “Hundred Women Artists’ Artworks Exhibition Qingdao” W. A.A China
2014     – “The 1st International Art Biennale,” Qingdao, China (cat.)
2010     – “Traces IV: the 4th Biennale for Drawing in Israel,” The Jerusalem Print Workshop
2008    - “Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition,” China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing
2008    - The Artists’ House, Jerusalem (cat.)
2008    - “Jerusalem, Surface Fractures
2007    - “Traces III: The 3rd Biennale for Drawing in Israel,” The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
2007    - “The 7th Watercolor Biennial,” Gallery Savremena, Serbia  (cat.)
2007    - “Small Dimensions,” Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem
2007    - “Printmakers,” Zik Gallery, Jerusalem
2006    - “Awakening,” Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel (cat.)
2006    - “The House,” Beit Ahuza, Ra’anana, Israel
2005    - “2nd Beijing International Art Biennale,” Beijing (cat.)
2005    - “2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art,” Mauritius
2004    - “Riimfaxe,” The Round Tower, Copenhagen
2003    - “Israeli Contemporary,” Robert Sandelson Gallery, London (cat.)
2003    - “Seven Artists in One Season,” Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)
2002    - “Jerusalem Lions,” street exhibition, Jerusalem (cat.)
2002    - “Freedom,” Hanita Museum, Kibbutz Hanita, Israel
2001    - “Riimfaxe,” Gallery M, Berlin (cat.)
2001    - “Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial,” Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo
2000   – “30×30,” The Artists’ House, Jerusalem (cat.)
1999     – “Sabinsky Press Artist Book,” Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv
1998    - Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo
1998    - “50 Years to Israel,” Galeria d’Art Zero, Barcelona
1998    - “Watercolors,” Galleri Sulegaarden, Assens, Denmark
1997    - “Osaka Print Triennial,” the 8th International Contemporary Art Competition, Osaka
1997    - “Dialogue,” International Exhibition, Manege, St. Petersburg
1996    - “Jerusalem-Moscow,” Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow (cat.)
1990    - “Old and New,” curated by Shulamit Efrat The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1989    - “Tashmat,” The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1989   – GrandprixInternational d’arts Plastiques, Nice, France and Award Diplome D’Honneur
1989    - “Twelve Jerusalem Artists,” Alexandra Palace, London
1987-89 – “National Society,” Smith’s Gallery, Covent Garden, London
1986       – “Telfed Arts Festival,” Yad Labanim Museum, Herzliya, Israel

Public Collections

Victoria and Albert Museum London; Tel Aviv Museum of Art;
Israel Museum, Jerusalem;MuseuDaÁguadaEpal, Lisbon;
Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo; National Gallery in Bulawayo,
Zimbabwe: Ben Uri, London Jewish Museum of Art


I am an intuitive artist, painting my deep inner world. My childhood in Africa,
the natural beauty of wide open spaces and trees are a rich source of knowledge
in my art. I have created a magical garden filled with trees, flowers and birds
in our home in Motza Illit on the outskirts of Jerusalem and here I paint. I try
to create a feeling of peace and harmony within my work and to arouse awareness
to the beauty of nature, and the healing power of trees, flowers, the sea and the sky.