Sokol Haim « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Sokol Haim


1973 Born in Russia
1991 Immigrated to Israel

Solo Exhibitions
2004 Realization, Experomet Gallery, Moscow
2005 Hidden Memories, The Small Heder Gallery, Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions
2005 Window, The Small Heder Gallery, Elul, Jerusalem; 2006 FWD:RE:FORM?, Art-Moscow, The international contemporary art fair, Central Artists House, Moscow

Happenings and Personal Projects
2004 Moshe Dayan – An eye for an eye, sale of designed eye patches, from the
series Israel Politics in Fashion, Jerusalem; 2005 Suitcases party, collective waiting for train on an abandoned railroad tracks, while sitting on suitcases, Jerusalem; 2006 (5766) Opening of the First International Soul’s bank-Contribution of Souls, Yom Kippur Eve, Zion Square, Jerusalem

  • NEW MEMBERS 2006
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