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Syrkin Lev

Lev Syrkin was born in Moscow in 1929. Immigrated to Israel in 1972, lives in Jerusalem.

Graduate of the Academy of Art in Moscow. The famous artist has created more than seventy large-scale murals in Russia, Israel, Europe and America.


In 1995 was nominated International Man of the Year in Monumental and Decorative Art (Cambridge, England).

Has won gold medals of Italy and the USA and other international awards.

In 1996 received the Guzik Foundation award (USA) for the Outstanding Achievements in the Arts and a Lifetime Contribution to the International Art Community and to the Public at-large.
A comprehensive monograph about Lev Syrkin was published in 1998 in the USA. The hardcover book has two hundred pages and features over one hundred color reproductions and one hundred and twenty in black and white. The monograph is dedicated mostly to Lev Syrkin’s works in Israel in the period between 1972-1998, and emphasizes Syrkin’s unprecedented contribution to Israeli art. “Syrkin’s oeuvre is an outstanding phenomenon in Israeli art. Almost single-handedly, Lev Syrkin has advanced public art in Israel. Monumental works of Syrkin’s Israeli period are an important chapter in the history of Jewish art and a distinguished contribution to the art of the 20th century.”

During twenty years of creative work in Russia, the artist created over 50 large-scale murals. Among his most prominent works is the giant outer wall mosaic “October” in downtown Moscow. This is the largest mosaic in Europe (2,000 sq. meter), 1967; Three columns with relief and mosaic “Labor, Science and Art”, 15 m X D 1.3 m, the Ural Mountains, 1969; Fountain “The Circle of Life”, mosaic, 150 sq. meter, Abrau-Dhurso, Crimea, 1971.

In Israel the artist has created nearly thirty large-scale murals. Most of his creations in Israel are dedicated to themes from the Bible and Jewish History&Tradition. Among his creations are: Mosaic “The Rainbow”, 5 X 15 m, Jerusalem, 1974; Three mosaic walls at the Potash Works, Sdom, Dead Sea 1979-1995, The largest mosaic in Israel: The wall of “Water” (3.4 X 20 m), The wall of “Fire” (3.4 X 24 m), The wall “Day and Night in the Garden of Eden” (2.6 X 7.6 m); Two bronze relief walls at the Soldiers Memorial, Jerusalem, 1983: “Glory” (2.4 X 5.5 m), “Eternity” (2.4 X 4.2 m); “War and Peace”, smalt mosaic, 2002: the work of art is composed of two parts: “Struggle Between Life and Death” and “Peace”, it is situated on a 5 X 20 m wall in the Medical Science Building, The Technion, Haifa. Original design and templates created by Lev Syrkin. Executed by “Cooperativa Mosaicisti”, Ravenna, Italy, under Lev Syrkin’s constant supervision and with his direct artistic participation.

In October 1973 the artist published a portfolio of prints “Vision in Battle”, dedicated to the War of Yom Kippur. This portfolio and hundreds of other drawings created by Syrkin, have been extensively exhibited at group and individual exhibitions in Israel, Italy, France, USA, and more. In 2000 Syrkin has participated with his recent drawings in the “6e Festival Art Singulier”, Marseilles, France.