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Yamin Itzhak

About the Artist

1938 – born in Iraq.
1961 – Graduate of the “BEZALEL” Art School, Jerusalem’ Israel
1966 – Winner of the “Sharet” Scholarship.

Itzhak Yamin studied under the supervision of the distinguished artist Ernest Fox. Under his guidance he specialized in Tempera painting and other classical techniques of drawing.

From 1961 untill now he is using a variety of drawing techniques such as: Sketching, Water Color Pictures and Oil Painting. Itzhak Also sculpts in Wood, Bronze, Marble and Iron.

He created large wall carpets, the “Holly Jerusalem” carpet is part of the Rekanaty collection.

Yamin designed and built a statue in memory of the fight over the Castel Hill and also a memorandum room for the veterans of the patrol unit “Sayeret Haruv” in the Jordan Valley.

Single Exhibitions

22 single exhibitions in private galleries all over Israel and the world.

General Exhibitions

1966 –2002 6 general exhibitions in Israel and 9 exhibitions in various counties around the world: London, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Chicago, Finland and Germany.