Past Exhibitions « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Past Exbitions

Abraham Storer

Against the Day

Arnovitz Andi

The Black List

Auerbach Aliza

From Stone to Sea, Photographs 1970-2015

Appleton Judith

White Desert

Azoulay Sagie

Winner of the 2014 Osnat Mozes Painting Prize for a Young Artist

Arieli Dana

Closer than they Appear: Givat Ram

Ari Fischer

1st exhibition in the 18th Nidbach series

Abramowitz Heddy

In Light of the Situation

Arhel Micky

The Space Between the Cherubs Intertwines Image with Abstract

Appelfeld Meir

Meir Appelfeld - Paintings

Atallah Abir

4th Exhibition in the 17th Nidbah series: Neither Black nor White

Abadi Shay

Arendt Project

Abitbul Dudu


Azoff Robert

Azoff Robert Photographs

Alfandary Shlomo

Inner Chambers

Aroch Arie

Arie Aroch

Azoulay Shai

Azoulay Shai

Amir Isy

Paintings – Sculptures

Asaf Uri

Different Landscapes