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Past Exbitions

Aldor Renana

The space, the period, the comma, the twenty-two letters

Avior Yinon


Abraham Storer

Against the Day

Arnovitz Andi

The Black List

Auerbach Aliza

From Stone to Sea, Photographs 1970-2015

Azoulay Sagie

Winner of the 2014 Osnat Mozes Painting Prize for a Young Artist

Appleton Judith

White Desert

Ari Fischer

1st exhibition in the 18th Nidbach series

Arieli Dana

Closer than they Appear: Givat Ram

Atallah Abir

4th Exhibition in the 17th Nidbah series: Neither Black nor White

Abramowitz Heddy

In Light of the Situation

Azoulay Shai

Azoulay Shai

Arhel Micky

The Space Between the Cherubs Intertwines Image with Abstract

Appelfeld Meir

Meir Appelfeld - Paintings

Abadi Shay

Arendt Project

Abitbul Dudu


Azoff Robert

Azoff Robert Photographs

Alfandary Shlomo

Inner Chambers

Aroch Arie

Arie Aroch

Amir Isy

Paintings – Sculptures

Asaf Uri

Different Landscapes