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Artists’ House re-opening

The Jerusalem Artists’ House will re-open for the public, on Tuesday Feb. 23rd at regular visiting hours

Recipients of the Shoshana and Mordechai Ish Shalom awards 2021:

The Mordechai Ish Shalom Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to Talia Tokatly

The Shoshana Ish Shalom Art Award is presented to Michael Yakhilevich

An online award ceremony will be held on

Tuesday, 19 January 2021, at 6:00 p.m.

The 2021 Mordechai Ish Shalom Lifetime Achievement Award—Committee’s Comments:

Talia Tokatly is an exceptional artist whose work oscillates between high technical expertise in the field of ceramics and art for its own sake, which is not limited to material or subject, but is centered on the transformation of matter into spirit.

Tokatly defines her unique approach as “ars-ceramics”: ceramics is indeed at the core of her work, but in contradistinction to the tradition of ceramic vessels with a clear function, her work has a fragmented, bleeding, perforated, unresolved nature. It surrenders a constant tension between the chaotic-unraveled and the harmonious-whole. Her work emerges from the most earthly material—clay—and touches the heavens. Along the way, it encounters childhood memories, everyday occurrences, and personal as well as collective traumas.

Tokatly’s work does not focus on a single object, on one raw material, or one meticulous technique. On the contrary: it consists of hybridization and deconstruction of material and emotional consciousness. Beyond ceramics—and specifically the porcelain in which she specializes—Tokatly’s works are akin to wonderfully lyrical installations comprising utilitarian and decorative objects from the past, from her parents’ home in Germany, parts of clothing and useful objects, text fragments, used and distorted wires and embroidery threads.

Beyond the powerful personal context, Tokatly’s work masterfully represents the complex world of those who grew up in 1950s Israel, the offspring of Holocaust survivors, who had to deal with the crises of wars and the shattered dream of an idyllic State of Israel. Her oeuvre conveys a complexity stemming from the intensity of pain and the power of a holistic material poetry made of fragments—like a mirror image of a society that has emerged from the ruins and confronts a stratified, fragmented reality.

Tokatly’s uncompromising, courageous artistic practice and her vacillation between media and definitions is also reflected in her role as a senior lecturer of many generations of students in the Ceramics and Glass Design Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, where she taught for 25 years before retiring two years ago. Her interdisciplinary, multicultural approach is also evident in the choice of topics and writing modes in C1280 º—a journal of material culture, which she has edited with great talent and precision over the past decade.

For all these, the committee has found Talia Tokatly worthy of the 2021 Mordechai Ish Shalom Lifetime Achievement Award.

Prize committee:

Amitai Mendelsohn, Ph.D., Senior Curator and Head of the Department of Israel Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Ms. Meirav Davish Ben Moshe, chair of the Jerusalem Artists Association

Ms. Zila Ish Shalom, representative of the Ish Shalom family

The 2021 Shoshana Ish Shalom Art Award—Committee’s Comments:

Michael Yakhilevich paints urban spaces and desert vistas, which are identified with the local landscape, and at the same time associated with universal archetypal spaces that define and dictate the human environment. He juxtaposes delicate, soft colors with dramatic compositions, a contrast which encapsulates the tension present in all his works.

Yakhilevich was born in Moscow in 1956. He began painting as a child, initially under the tutelage of his grandfather, renowned painter Meir Akselrod, and later in life painted theater backdrops. In 1991 he immigrated to Israel, and since then his work has focused on the experience of loneliness accompanying immigration, which he describes with minimal means. Many of his works address the experience of solitude in the broader sense as well. Both tragic and comic, they engage with philosophical questions regarding human existence. Yakhilevich often depicts everyday scenes, such as waiting for a bus, hanging laundry, sailing in a boat, and walking down the street, through which he introduces questions about the absurdity of reality, the passage of time, and death.

For all these, the committee has found Michael Yakhilevich worthy of the 2021 Shoshana Ish Shalom Art Award.

Prize committee:

Ronit Sorek, Curator, Prints and Drawings, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Nadia Adina Rose, representative of the Jerusalem Artists

Nani Rozenberg, representative of the Ish Shalom family

Artists’ House will be closed starting Sun. 27.12.20

Following the lockdown and guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the Artists’ House will be closed starting Sun. 27.12.20

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It is possible to apply for the Osnat Moses painting prize by email.

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In accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, the Artist House will be closed until further notice. We will soon be uploading the current exhibition in 3D on our website and social media, so you can visit the exhibition from indoors.
We hope this period will pass quickly, and wish you good health.

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