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Aya Eliav – Feelings of Descent

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Curator: Tsibi Geva

Publishing year: 2009

Price: 45 NIS

“The appreciation and understanding of Aya’s work as landscape paintings, does not exclude the abstract image that offers itself on first sight. Vertical and horizontal plates of color, supposedly disconnected and destination-less, are placed as layered patches. Unexpectedly and inexplicably the picture is formed by, and in relation to, these abstract patches of color, in a way that grants them the meaning of a background, or interim spaces, or a detached pictographic event whose connection to its above representation is fortuitous, provisional, unstable. The way in which an entire body of work is composed out of supposedly contradictory courses of action, dissimilar in their internal logic, that abruptly meet somewhere, converse, and create a fascinating moment of pictorial grace – is captivating. In the more recent landscape paintings, arrangements and drawing grounds, meeting in a diptych manner, create a panorama, a flow, albeit fragmented, a displacement within the linearity of the horizon, of the landscape occurrence.” (Tsibi Geva)