Bezalel Version B – Eliaou Eric Bokobza « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Bezalel Version B – Eliaou Eric Bokobza

Curator: Ktzia Alon, Dalya Markovitz

Publishing year: 2006

Price: 70 NIS

The works forming this exhibition are created from the historical materials that
characterizedthe Israeli art scene during the time of Boris Schatz’s Bezalel.
Bokobza’s research is more than a historical-documentary investigation; he also
carries out an aesthetic-visual study that intends to save the authentic Eastern motif from
the forgotten depths of Orientalism.Bokobza does not cite the Bezalel School, but rather works
within its paradigms that created a Jewish-Zionist formal modus that developed at the
Orientalist feet of European romanticism.