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Hedva Harechavi – Notes for Rana

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Artist: Hedva Harechavi

Publishing year: 2009

Price: 70 NIS

“Notes for Rana” are secret, fragmented letters, whose sentences are known to the writer alone. The “letter” principle clarifies a structure of works, in which the composition is made from parallel lines of pseudo-calligraphic scribble, blurring and sealing of itself. These are drawings/notes of intricate words, of a saying expressing the horrible need to say and at the same time the disagreement to say explicitly – the need to protect a secret.
The “letters” of Hedva Harechavi will not be sent to any address, and for that reason will not be answered either. And even if these “letters” are publicly presented – as if they were addressed to the observers, sharing their clandestine intimacy with them – they remain a secret dubbing of the artist’s mortalities.
Hence, could it not be speech, but attention, a visual listening to the sounds of abysses and their disruptions? And are we allowed to condense the sum of this high aesthetic sensitivity, as the aesthetics of the ruins of the inner speech? (Gideon Ofrat, from the catalogue)