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Jerusalem, Surface Fractures

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Curator: Zvi Tolkovsky, Israel Hadany, Hedva Shemesh

Publishing year: 2008

Price: 70 NIS

“Will a “cultural hero” theorist arise who will know how to explain why, and perhaps to form a foundation for the opinion that, Jerusalem art is an emotionally arousing, inquisitive and stimulating value? Will someone come along who will know how to enlighten us with the meaning of the lack of continuity, the closedness and walking along the path’s edge, which is so typical to the short history shared by past and present artists? These groundbreaking artists and others knew how to engage us in the mystery of their work and help us to yearn for and to continue their path: meaningful social and cultural phenomena have occurred and continue to take place in this city but they are all socio-cultural flashes that remain inconsequential to the zeitgeist.
The exhibition focuses attention on artists working in the west of a city whose internal complexities are situated in and divided by magnetic forces – the East whose borders are the geographical infinite and the West which is well marked as metaphor for the Silk Road between Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Berlin, and perhaps also New York.
The power and density of the Eastern city, built within defined walls, challenges contemporary production and artistic creativity – a challenge that is hard to instantaneously overcome.
This over-density in a sort of pod of remains from a historical, ritual, hostile and alien past leaves the artist cautious and distant, observing, a kind of “laboratory artist” where all his research data is identified and available yet still disconnected from the necessary alphabet that allows one to converse with the daily living environment of the place where one lives.”
Zvi Tolkovsky, Curator

Exhibitors: Etti Abergel, Larry Abramson, Hannan Abu-Hussein, Yehoyada Amir– Phrases throughout the catalogue, Yali Amit, Tomer Appelbaum, Andi Arnovitz, Shai Azoulay, Anat Bar El and Yuval Yairi, Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari, David Ben Shaul, Dvora (Dvorit) Ben-Shaul, Asaf Ben Zvi, Motke Blum, Shlomi Brosh, Jorge Cabeceiras, Chanchal Banga, Gabriel Cohen, Revital Cohen, Meirav Davish Ben Moshe, Max Epstein, Yemima Ergas, Haya Ester, Yossi Galanti, Yossi Galanti and Einat Arif, Shlomo Har-Paz, Magdalena Hefetz, Stephen Horenstein, Lev llizirov, Shosh Israeli, Jack Jano, Debbie Kampel, Joel Kantor, Tal Kesten, Liliane Klapisch, Marcelo Lauber, Boris Lekar, Ofer Lellouch, Ra’anan Levy, Shmaia Levy, Silvia Licht, Uri Lifshitz, Ariane Littman, Yzhak Marecha, Eve Menes, Orna Millo, Jonathan Ofek, Judy Orstav, Yanai Pery, Yulia Rabesky, Israel Rabinovitz, Pnina Ramati Frank, Yael Robin, Gina Rotem Olmer, Sidon Rothenberg, Michal Rothschild, Meni Salama, Ruth Schreiber, Naomi Schreibman, Ivan Schwebel, Shlomo Serry, Dalit Sharon and Eldad Shaaltiel, Shaul Shats, Efrat Shvily, Pamela Silver, Ronen Siman Tov, Roee Suffrin, Talia Tokatly, Dina Toledano, Arnon Toussia-Cohen, Leora Wise, Marek Yanai, Yeheskiel Yardeni, Shlomo Yehudayan, Reuven Zahavi, Lena Zaidel, Lea Zarembo, Genna Zechmaister, Zik Group.

Catalogue Articles: Zvi Tolkovsky – Surface Fractures, Albert Swisa – By the Rivers of Babylon.