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Orna millo – Something is Written There

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Curator: Irit Levin

Publishing year: 2009

Price: 60 NIS

“This exhibition deals with a topic that has had a central place in the works of Orna Millo for the past two decades – blockage. Orna Millo’s work raises existential questions concerning what will disappear and the transient, as well as memory and the possibilities of realization of works of art in memory. Using textual and pictorial metaphors, in an enigmatic choreography, the
artist unifies movement and time, joining contrasting rhythms and changing sequences.

Pondering Orna Millo’s works does not always make them clear to the observer. The artist changed the word into a visual event and produced meaning from the contradiction. Psychological and philosophical layers in her work bring together the permanent and the transient. The blockages that open and are removed in time are in the different works a metaphor for inner existence.
(Irit Levin)