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Richard Gere – Pilgrim

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Publishing year: 2004

Price: 25 NIS

The exhibition at the Artists House was the undertaking of Mr. Gere and presented in the framework of his commitment to supporting peaceful efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A total of forty photographs will be exhibited at the Artists House.
“I feel like a pilgrim. I identify with that dark figure in the photo I call Pilgrim. But it’s also about the movement. It’s a search, even if you don’t know what the search is for. We’re all pilgrims in this lifetime, in past lifetimes, and in future lifetimes.” Richard Gere

Gere uses a slow lens, relying on soft, gentle light. His technique produces warm images that pull the viewer into a world of ritual, monks at prayer, mountains, and faces upturned to light revealing pain and hope. The subtle grey tones of his images convey the illusory nature of things and the lack of absolutes in reality. Gere’s work acknowledges the dichotomies of spirituality and injustice, light and dark, good and evil, hope and grief that pervade human existence. These contrasts are central to his work. They underscore the reality of what Gere as Buddhist and soulful human being witnessed personally in his pilgrimage to the Himalayan area known as the “Roof of the World.”