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The Other Sea

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Curator: Dalya Markovich, Kzia Alon

Publishing year: 2007

Price: 60 NIS

The exhibition “The Other Sea” deals with the otherness embedded within the “local sea”: the feminine, the transcendental, the ethnic, and the national. Since the crossing of the Red Sea – that mythological crossing that first brought the people of Israel from exile to redemption – the sea has been experienced as a means rather than as an end. “Eretzisraeli” painting gazed upon the sea through an Orientalist lens: this romantic sea was planned in principle as an expanse for nationalist education. Its characteristics turned it into a kind of mirror that drew between its waves the figure of the mythological “tsabar”. “The Other Sea” is “sea of tears,” “the black sea,” and a sea of pollution and waste.
The sea displayed in works by 28 artists in this exhibition is not the romantic, kitsch, sea that we have become accustomed to using. The other sea reveals the sea to be an expanse that differentiates between Jews and Arabs, army bases and civilian beaches, glamour and poverty, refugees and displacement. In this sense the sea acts as a site of hope and exploded illusion, a collapsed beach of promises.

Participants: Adi Brande, Aliza Auerbach, Anisa Ashkar, Arik Miranda, Assaf Evron, Avraham Eilat, Dafna Shalom, Dana Levy, Elyasaf Kowner, Eric Sultan, Farid Abu Shakra, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Hilla Ben Ari, Khen Shish, Mosh Kashi, Oded Shimshon, Pinchas Cohen Gan, Roi Kuper, Ron Amir, Shai Azoulay, Shula Keshet, Simcha Shirman, Tal Shochat, Tamir Sher, Yair Barak, Yehezkel Lazarov, Yochai Matos, Yoram Blumenkrantz, Yoram Kupermintz.