Traces I « The Jerusalem Artists House – בית האמנים בירושלים

Traces I

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Curator: Ilan Wizgan

Publishing year: 2001

Price: 60 NIS

Different from exhibitions held in the past, some of which are mentioned above, this exhibition is more of a condition report of the state of drawing in Israel today. It focuses on works from the past three years, with no other common factor. It strives to lay out and reveal the wide range of drawing in Israel with the inclusion of representatives from different generations and schools, for whom drawing is a central or meaningful part of their oeuvre.

A rough breakdown of the participants reveals that approximately half of the artists produce works on paper with traditional foundations, and the other half produce works that can be designated “contemporary” in terms of style, guidelines and medium. Some of the artists avoid accepted definitions, and they can be found in either of the two groups mentioned above. A closer look identifies less than a quarter of the artists working in an academic-traditional, realistic, or photographic-like style. All the others, the overwhelming majority, deal with drawing that is considered contemporary, whether its sources are in traditional drawing, or drawn from other visual fields (comics and animation, illustration and caricature, graphic design and advertising). A special place is reserved for children’s painting, as an inspiration for Israeli artists, as shown by Yigal Zalmona in the exhibition and accompanying catalogue Good Kids, Bad Kids: Childliness in Israeli Art (The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1998).